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Beck's 20/20 Vision (Catchy, ain't it?)

Maybe I’m the only one who raised an eyebrow when Glenn Beck endorsed Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle, but I want to advance a theory as to why.

Why didn’t Beck say he was going to vote for Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson? As a matter of fact, why haven’t Republicans jumped on the Johnson bandwagon? For example, when John McCain pulled his Trump endorsement, he didn’t go Johnson, he said he “will write in the name of some good conservative Republican who is qualified to be president.¹”

At this late point in the process, why does this matter? It matters because politicians are already angling toward the 2020 elections. Republicans don’t want to abandon the party and empower Libertarinas, and Glenn Beck, well I think he has his own agenda. They all want the Republican Party intact for their own benefit. As radio audiences continue to shrink, I think Glenn Beck is eyeing a 2020 Presidential run. I don’t know Glenn Beck, I don’t even listen to him very often, but I think that Ted Cruz’s betrayal was so deep and cutting when Cruz begrudgingly endorsed Trump, a little voice, deep, deep in Glenn Beck’s head said “Glenn, we have more principles than any of these jokers.” I expect 2 years of jockeying (and “praying”) before he forms an exploratory committee.

Hell, ask Gary Johnson how hard it is to advance your agenda butting heads against 2 machines without the name recognition of being a celebrity.

So when Trump loses and the Republican Party partially disintegrates, it will be Glenn Beck, and not Donald Trump, who will be the new guiding light of the party. A party guided by Beck, not Rush, not Hannity, or even Crazy Alex Jones. I’m not saying Beck would be a good or bad in the role, I’m just calling my shot. Who would have said Trump would win the nomination back in 2012?

So here’s my (very) early predictions for the 2020 race.

Democratic Side – Tim Kaine (Why not Hillary? See William Henry Harrison in 1840)

Republican Side – The Big 4 will be Ted Cruz vs Marco Rubio vs Glenn Beck vs Mark Cuban

There will also be a few knuckleheads who will be also-rans, like Santorum or Graham

(Every time I turn on my TV, Cuban is on it. He’s already running and none of the four have the intestinal fortitude to go third party.)


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