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I don't post good musical options as often as I should on Beacon of Speech. If it was 1992, great song posts every other day.

Anyhow, this week the band Kadavar released its fourth album Rough Times. I've watched a few of their videos and listened to a couple of their new songs. They're good, but I have an odd complaint. They're too clean. Not their lyrics, but their production value.

If you go way back, way back to 2012, Kadavar released its self-titled debut on This Charming Man Records. It was 40 minutes of fuzzy stoner rock that sounded like it was fused with the vinyl. It might have been from 2012, but it sounded like 1974. From Germany, of all places, these guys are clearly singing in English with smoke bellowing from their throats. The album is pure sublime perfection.

Some people compare 'em to Sabbath. Some people compare 'em to Electric Wizard. Doesn't matter. Put on your listening ears and listen to a classic album that doesn't get the airplay it deserves. (Actually, I'm not sure it gets any airplay.)

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