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I Like Jim Carrey's Art. I Don't Like Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey's Art is sweeping the internet. I want to be angry, but I'm not. Jim Carrey has the Freedom of Speech to voice his opinions and has the right to be an artist. I even like his style. If we had any kind of a budget at all here at Beacon of Speech, I would commission Carrey to do some artwork for us. The problem I have is when Carrey ventures into the political realm. Let me repeat, he has the right to, the issue is that he shouldn't.

Whenever Carrey does a piece, he adds an editorial along with his creation. Donald Trump, and we'll abbreviate for brevity, is a horrible person. Marco Rubio is a horrible person. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a horrible person. Rick Gates is a horrible person. Every one of his caricatures is very partisan slanting to one side, Jim Carrey is clearly not fond of Republicans.

So when the media reports on Carrey's Art, reaction turns into a sectarian feeding frenzy. Liberals flock to Carrey's side "give 'em hell, Jim." "Tell it like it is Jim." While Conservatives scream "more propaganda from the Liberal Elite." "Hollywood doesn't speak for Middle America." Try, please try, to strip away the politics for a second. My problem is with Horrible Jim Carrey calling out Horrible Donald Trump.

I want you to do some homework. Go ahead and do some research on Cathriona White. Not hearsay, not what the Gold Diggers in the White family have to say. What White said before she killed herself. Jim Carrey is a horrible person. Now you can argue with me that the Wrongful Death Lawsuit was just tossed out, and you'd be right, but Jim Carrey turned that poor girl inside out and spun her around.

Granted, she was no angel, but Jim Carrey clearly went out of his way to slander a dead girl who couldn't defend herself. He had the best lawyers money could buy. Again, in the end the celebrity walks away scot free while the victim is not returning from the dead. I'm not dredging up stories from Carrey's youth, the case was dismissed last month. In no shape or form, no matter what Carrey's lawyers say, he was not the innocent victim....

Which brings us to the current Donald Trump case, specifically with Stormy Daniels. At the same exact time Jim Carrey was in court, Donald Trump was trying to keep a non-disclosure act sealed. What happened between Trump and Daniels was salacious, probably illegal (unless they were in Nevada), and could possibly get him impeached (if he used campaign funds in relation to the hush money). But Daniels is very much alive and she is trying to cash in. I just saw her strapped to a lie detector today. Trump did not rape Stormy Daniels. Basically Trump got what he paid for, which is trouble.

Trumps' affair is embarrassing, especially to the First Lady, but it happened when Trump was simply a celebrity and not the POTUS. To me, what Carrey the Celebrity did was far worse than what Trump the Celebrity did. I can't stress this enough, we are splitting hairs between 2 bad behaviors.


One of the things that was always curious to me was the relationship between Keenen Ivory Wayans and Jim Carrey. Everything I read from Wayans, and everything I watched from Wayans, was nothing but complimentary to Carrey. Arguably it was Wayans who catapulted Carrey to stardom. But if Wayans loved Carrey so much, why didn't they ever work together again after In Living Colour?

And, I would be remiss to say, if my wife was in the room, she'd probably be yelling at me "put Carrey's an Anti-Vaxxer in that article of yours, too." And then she'd go on a rant about how Anti-Vaxxers kill children. (Maybe I'll let her do a guest column next week.)

Last time I really liked Carrey in a movie role?

Probably 1997's Liar Liar. (20 years ago!)

Since I brought her up, the last time my wife liked Carrey in a movie role?

Probably 2004's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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