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False Flag Theory

Time check 7:29 a.m. on October 26. Deep, deep in my gut, I feel like the False Flag Theory is plausible. Right this second I think the chances are:

67% that the Political Bomber is a Crazy Trump Supporter.

33% False Flag Crazy Democrat.

My primary question is WHY? Why would you send a bomb to CNN?

If you were a crazy Unabomber-Type I understand your rationale of maybe tricking a politician into opening a giant, unmarked envelope, because they might think that it's full of money. But CNN? Best Case Scenario is that you kill a lowly intern. You ain't getting anywhere close to Anderson Cooper.

The sloppiness of the plot, to me, points in 2 directions.

A Really, Really Stupid Trump Supporter - Oh, trust me, there's lots of Stupid Trump Supporters out there, but this one would have to have ZERO concept of how the real world works. This is still the most likely theory.

False Flag - Again. Why CNN? Because you want your message out there that someone is trying to bomb these people. Instead of focusing on ACTUALLY bombing your enemies.

People are making rash judgements to advance their agenda. One thing I'm fairly sure of, is this is not international terrorism.

And, of course, Special Agent Jim Carey is on the case, he already knows who's to blame.

Trust me, I'm not the only one that sees what is going on at CNN.

Because no one was hurt, not even a little bit, this story smacks of my favorite practical joke of all time.

Please, Please,

PLEASE click on the photo above for one of my favorite stories of all-time.


Time Check 11:47 pm on October 26. I started the article in the morning, then I went to work. Why has my output decreased at BOS? Because I have been working more, that simple. But in this case time was my ally. Caesar Sayoc was arrested while I was away.

So the SPECULATION that it was a Trump Supporter was correct.

This morning the media KNEW it was a Trump Supporter. I could have written an article that Crazed Aliens from Neptune sent those pipe bombs. I would have been wrong, but the point is that the LEFT has free speech and the RIGHT has free speech. The left continues to frame all speech different from theirs as hate. Until the suspect is in custody, you never know what their motivation is, so until Sayoc was in police custody, EVERYONE was speculating.

Two things caught my attention at the Daily Mail:

  • CNN is now, officially, the Liberal Elite. They were right about Sayoc, now the entire nation, smart or stupid, now knows CNN, the Clintons, and the Obamas are all in bed together. Not a good look for a NEWS organization.

  • Sayoc is the MAGAbomber.

CNN can't be happy and Trump can't be happy.

No one at 9 this morning would have guessed that the bomber would have been a Native-American Body-Builder. I think people in his neighborhood may have been suspicious of Sayoc's vehicle of Choice...

Now outlets like the Daily Beast KNEW it was a Trump Supporter....



There's breaking news.....

Technically this headline is correct, some far-right groups do support Trump.

But that also means some far-right groups DON'T support Trump.


There's another shooter. This time in Pittsburgh.

A lone gunman killed Jews while they prayed at a Synagogue.

The problem with blaming Trump about the Pittsburgh shooter?

He HATED Trump. He said it himself on social media:

For those keeping score at home, Donald Trump moved the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and received universal scorn from around the world - except from Israel, where he is beloved.

Since the gunman wasn't a Trump fan, CNN had to focus on something the gunman and Trump had in common to move the CNN narrative. Trump wanted the caravan through Mexico stopped, and a crazed gunman wanted the caravan through Mexico stopped. So they went with that.

Journalism CNN sytle:

Chris Cillizza and Michael Bruce Ross, both from Connecticut! Coincidence?

And, don't get me wrong, if the Synagogue shooter's name was Mohammed bin Mohammed, Fox News would be talking about the story 24 hours a day for a month. Because it's not about NEWS, it's about the narrative.

What you saw this weekend was blood spilled in a deeply divided nation. Donald Trump didn't kill anyone himself. And his rhetoric is blamed for literally everything from hurricanes to every type of violence in the entire country. The media fans the flames and Trump can't shut up, there's plenty of blame to go around.

I don't like Donald Trump either, but part of me feels like pinning everything on Trump is the media's way of ensuring that the Mid-Terms go in their favor.

Which is super-jaded on my part. I am personally invested in only 1 political race, the one in New Mexico. Somehow, someway, the 2-party system needs to be taken down a peg or two and New Mexico could be the first domino in that process.

Locally, the Libertarian candidate for the Governor of Ohio is a kook, even by Libertarian standards, but I'm going to vote for Robert Coogan as Ohio's State Auditor. Until you stop believing that the other party is the devil and we all have to live in the country together, the Republicans and Democrats are going to continue to be fear-mongers to ensure their own elections.

Because that's what's really going on. The poor and disenfranchised are pawns in a never ending election cycle. Both the shooter and the bomber were isolated sociopaths. Every time a party loses, they create a boogeyman on the other side that feeds into those fears.


Time Check 9:27 am. Sunday, October 28, 2018. Listening to Cleveland Browns pre-game.

The above paragraph is the whole reason I do these articles. One side of the country is convinced that they have free speech and the other half doesn't. That is very dangerous in a Democracy.


Totally unrelated to Terrorism (hopefully), the Owner of the Leicester City F.C., Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, died in a helicopter crash when he was leaving King Power Stadium on Saturday. I've barely seen a blip on the news radar in the United States about the Foxes owner.

If Jerry Jones was leaving Cowboy Stadium by helicopter and it crashed in the parking lot, it would be the lead story on every newscast in the country.

Because Srivaddhanaprabha was a Billionaire Owner in the Premier League, few Americans care. I care because Leicester City was the biggest Cinderella Story in Premier League history. And that story was engineered by Srivaddhanaprabha. Godspeed on your next journey.

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