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Get Off My Lawn! -or- Miscellaneous (March 2019)

Every article skeleton I started this weekend was just me sounding like an angry old man.

Then I thought "maybe I'll just give a headline and a short rant. Embrace my inner crotchety old self." What the hell? Let's try that.

Then he settled for $60-80 million with the NFL, then he wanted $20 million to play in the AAF. $20 million for 1 year or three? Unclear. If it was $20 million for one year, Kaepernick is simply a Modern Day Shyster. 3 Years for $20 is probably closer to his fair market value. Again, remember that Kaep made $14.3 million in 2016 when he opted out, meaning he was looking for MORE money from teams, no one opts out looking for LESS money.

You remember when Ali was stripped of his title due to his refusal to be drafted into the Army in 1967, right? He then turned around and sued the World Boxing Association, and individual states, for tens of millions of dollars. You remember that first part, but not that second part because the second part didn't happen. Ali's protests COST him millions of dollars in the prime of his career. Kaepernick's protests MADE him millions of dollars. Ask Tommie Smith and John Carlos how much they made from their 1968 Olympic Protest.

  • Amazon made $11 billion and paid no taxes. Why aren’t Democrats angry?: Speaking of shysters, I shouldn't be dwelling on overrated NFL quarterbacks so much. Kaepernick was running the long con, but at the end of the day, he only made money off of Nike and the NFL. Kaepernick grifting money from the NFL is like a local prostitute stealing from her pimp. The largest grift running in America today is Jeff Bezos' Amazon Scam.

Back in 2017, Multi-Billionaire Jeff Bezos said he wanted to build a second headquarters somewhere in America. He's a super-busy guy lately, so he didn't have any time to scout that second location on his own. Instead he had City-Suitors line up at his door. Over 200 Cities came a callin', including local entrant Cleveland, Ohio.
Now let's be honest. I live near Cleveland, and I knew they weren't beatin' anyone for anything, except maybe New Orleans or Detroit. Maybe Newark.
Local delusional writer for, Mark Naymik, sued Cleveland to find out what their secret losing bid was: A court has ruled that the location of the proposed Amazon headquarters site in Cleveland's failed bid for the project is not secret and should be released to

By Naymik's logic, look for me to sue The Powerball to see why I didn't win. (But I digress.) Bezos' angle of making cities compete against each other was a better business strategy than picking a city and then being their business partner. Bezos wanted to bleed tax breaks and prime real estate from the "Winning Bid."

After narrowing the search to 20 cities (surprise, Cleveland didn't make that list), in November of 2018, Bezos chose New York City (and Arlington County, Virginia) and New York's $3 billion in subsidies.

Then something strange happened. The residents of New York realized they weren't winners at all in the Amazon H2 Contest. They whined, and moaned, and demanded NO subsidies for the richest man in the world. Jeff Bezos then scrapped his plan to go to New York City this week. Bezos was ABSOLUTELY playing the system in his favor, but..... make a long story short, Jeff Bezos is the Devil. Screwing literally everyone so you can make more money, isn't that the definition of the Devil? Luckily Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had the strength to call a spade a spade.

  • Amazon and the Jobs Charade: Speaking of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, listen, even a blind nut finds a squirrel once in a while, and she will be judged on the right side of history on this specific story.

But that doesn't mean she's right about anything else. On the other end of the reality spectrum as Jeff Bezos, Ocasio-Cortez continues to promise every thing to every body. Again, her platform seems to be Vote for Me, I'll Give You Free Stuff. You know what else would be awesome, if I won the Powerball. Spend $2, get a million. Not unlike AOC's pitches to the American Population.

Editor's Note: What is up with the infatuation with the Powerball?

Highest frequency of Lottery Players? 50 to 59. Lottery Players and Socialists = BAD AT MATH!

Back in 1994, the seminal punk band Alice Donut released the single Hose.

Hose wasn't one of their bigger hits, but they were ready to chuck the glories of punk rock away and become Jacko's sex abuse victims for cash and prizes.

I wanna see that picture they took of Micheal Jackson's C@ck

Million Dollar P#nis

I'm tired of Dry Humping This Cash Cow

I wanna see the Neverland Ranch

I wanna see the Elephant Man

Of course it's politically incorrect, they're punks. But the point is, as punks they could sarcastically sing what other other people were afraid to say in conversation. They knew the score about MJ 25 years ago.


And, finally CNN and Donald Trump.

On Sunday on CNN:

The Trump Show flops, huh?

On Monday? The Trump show is back on:

Over half the stories at CNN are about Donald Trump. If not for poor Luke Perry and Tornado Victims, you would just assume the Trump Show at CNN was never-ending.

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