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The BEST Wide Receiver Corps (Maybe This Time)

Back on August 9, 2018, we declared that, on paper, the Cleveland Browns had had one of the best Wide Receiving Corps in all of football based on their 2018 off season. Unfortunately, like all houses of cards, one swift breeze toppled the best laid plans of the Browns' organization. What happened to their 4 "top" receivers by the end of the year?

Jarvis Landry? He had a decent season (once Baker Mayfield showed up).

Corey Coleman? He got what he deserved. The number one reason the Browns ended up 0-16 in 2016 (okay, maybe not the number one reason, but symbolically his drop in the end zone is the single play that reminds you of that season,) Coleman was traded to the Buffalo Bills for a bag of athletic supporters. Then Cut. (Sept. 2018)

Signed by the New England Patriots. Then Cut. (Sept. 2018)

Re-signed to Patriots practice squad. Then Cut. (Sept. 2018)

Signed by the New York Giants. Then caught 5 passes. (Not in 1 game, all season.)

The NFL is a cold, cold mistress.

Josh Gordon? Josh Gordon can suck it. He ended the season on indefinite New England.

Antonio Callaway? Ended the season as the 50th top wide receiver in all of football.


Now it's 2019, and what are the Browns' plans at WR? Last year they traded for Jarvis Landry (he ended up finishing 13th in the league in receptions for wide receivers). Last week they traded for the supremely talented Odell Beckham. Go back two seasons and check out the top receivers in all of football. Somehow the Browns traded for 2 of 'em.

Problems for 2019?

Not enough footballs.

ON PAPER, here's 2019's Browns Receivers (with their 2018 stats):

WR Jarvis Landry: 81 catches for a hair under a thousand yards.

WR Odell Beckham: 77 catches for a hair over a thousand yards.

WR Antonio Calloway: Top 5 in the NFL for receiving (for rookies).

TE David Njoku: Top 10 in the NFL for receiving (for tight ends).

Early predictions for the 2019 Browns?

From Vegas? 5th Best odds - IN THE LEAGUE - to win the Super Bowl at 15-1.

Beacon of Speech Record Prediction:

If Baker Mayfield is healthy, 11-5

If Mayfield is injured during the pre-season, 7-9.


Note to Isaiah Crowell:

You got cut by the Jets?

Would you like me to post a picture of me wiping my ass with your contract?

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