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America, Inc.

Whew, I'm not a racist today. But technically there's still a few hours left in the day.

But you know who is a Trump Supporter? Our partner at Beacon of Speech, Ted. The above article is from the very left-leaning Goldie Taylor. Not unlike our back catalog of stories that are accessible long after the fact, you can look up Taylor's latest articles at The Daily Beast. After perusing only a few stories you can CLEARLY see her agenda. Taylor plays the race card so often you'd think she was a poker player. You think that's hitting below the belt? If you insult Ted, you're going to get insulted back.

Fine Example of Taylor's Investigative Reporting.

(Disclaimer: I have told you, since 2015 not to vote for Trump. Today, I tell you not to vote for Trump in 2020. If you want to impeach Trump, go ahead. But you better impeach him because he broke the law and not because he's a jerk.)

Today you (Taylor) called a good man (Ted) a racist, which is a flat out lie. You called a hair under 63 million people racists. Your defense is that Trump attacked Ilhan Omar and told her to leave the country so you were going to attack him and his supporters.

So what's the crux here?


I came across this theory at The Blaze:

For too long the people on the Right (myself included) have called the American Left 'socialists' or some brand of that. But it's dawned on me they're something else entirely and I can't quite put my finger on it. Even the commies loved their country. This is something worse. The commies didn't want to flood their countries with illegal aliens and deport nobody. The commies would never have allowed government schools to encourage young children to question their gender. Or allowed a young boy to dress in drag and dance for men. I can't stop thinking about that Gallup poll showing only 22 percent of Democrats are proud of their country. Something has really shifted. It's not UN-American. It is ANTI-American. That's not communism. That's an insurgency. Jesse Kelly via The Blaze

So the Left is Anti-American? That Twitter thread went viral, and I agree with SOME of it. But what's going on today seems to be more than just a run-of-the-mill partisan feeding frenzy. What's going on today is that the left and right have both gone too far. The Racists vs The Anti-Americans?

The real problem is that no one sees that "we" (Americans) are in this together. And you know who's to partially to blame for that? (Hint: He died this week.)

Ross Perot.

Ross Perot said that America should be run like a business and built his support amongst those in America that longed for a balanced budget. I, too, agree that a balanced budget is a good thing, I'm just over the concept that everything in this country should be run like a business. America should be run like a Country. A Country that's framed by the foundations and the parameters of the Constitution. Even though I have a propensity for voting third party, I never got hooked by Ross Perot. And the dangers of running America like a business have come to fruition under the leadership of Donald Trump, but not in the ways that you would expect.

Donald Trump sees Ilhan Omar as a bad employee for America, Inc. How dare you criticize this great company? You know what company really sucks? Somalia, Inc. What Trump is saying is that Omar should go back and work at Somalia, Inc. It's really that simple. People who simply call Trump a racist are missing the deeper manifestations of the rot in this country.

Let me ask you a question. Do you think the head of the corporation where you work is the smartest and hardest working person in the company? They may TELL you that they are, but c'mon, you can level with me. What do you think?

There is no more "us" in America today. In a corporation, usually the rats rise to the top and from Middle Management on down you are fed a steady stream of corporate propaganda. Let's take Disney, for instance. How many people who work at Disney get rich and how many survive?

Can you or I work at DIsney? Of course we can. Will we get a $75k a year middle management job? Oh, probably not. Can we wear a Goofy costume for $12 an hour? Sure can. [Disney Recruiter: "Hey, can you start this weekend?"] Make $12 an hour and ask for government assistance.

There are a lot of nuances to running a country, nuances that have escaped Donald Trump. What you need is a uniter that will govern from the middle, not someone who thinks everything is a boxing match. Let's, for the sake of argument, say that Trump is a racist. I don't like him, but I'm still convinced that he only sees green ($$$$). So "Racist" Trump is so far to the right that he has to go. Who do you replace him with? Back to the theory of America, Inc. If you replace him with someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you bankrupt the county. I can argue "Racist" Trump is no farther to the Right in his beliefs than "Socialist" Ocasio-Cortez is to the Left. The media exacerbates problems by picking sides and propping up artificial constructs.

What angers me as a Free Speech Advocate is when Ilhan Omar disparages America when she couldn't say what she says now in her country of origin. But guess what? Americans have Free Speech so I guess I'll have to deal with things I don't like. How about this? I'll listen to Ilhan Omar speak, then she has to critique my writing on Beacon of Speech.

She has no interest in my Libertarian-leaning bias? That's my whole point. Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump is in the Republican Party and Ilhan Omar is in the Democrat Party. They both are members of a multi-billion dollar, 2-party system controlled and manipulated by corporations that America has now evolved into.

People are attacking Trump like the corrupt CEO that he is. The problem is that there is no longer a respect for the OFFICE of the Presidency. Donald Trump calls out the hypocrisy of Ilhan Omar and then Ilhan Omar calls out the hypocrisy of Donald Trump. That doesn't sound like the way to run a country, that sounds like a corporate power struggle....


I could keep yammering on, but I'd just be spinning my wheels. You want to know about Ted. Why does Ted believe in America and why do I stand up for Ted.

Because Ted is what America used to be about. He believed that if you worked hard you would get ahead. Except now Ted just works hard. He likes Trump because he stuck it to the politicians and created jobs. I don't want you to argue with Ted, I want you to listen...

Listen very, very, very closely.

Every time Goldie Taylor, or Ilhan Omar, or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls out Trump supporters, their resolve strengthens. Because you're not only insulting Trump, but the workers in this nation who put him into office to stop the nonsense streaming from the far-left.

And since every election cycle is "too important" to vote third party, my independent ideas never gain any traction. America needs to have free markets (with bumpers) and should be run like a country and not a corporation. My ideas line up closest to Gary Johnson's in 2016. but he's not running this time around.

I will not vote for Donald Trump in 2020, but I cannot make a blanket statement about the 63 million people who did vote for him. That would be racist.

#Trump #RaceCardMadison

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