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Dallas Should Be Smoldering Rubble

A White Cop executed an innocent Black Victim in Dallas, Texas in September of 2018. The Cop in question, Amber Guyger, even absurdly tried to use the Caste Defense despite the fact that the abode in which the shooting took place was not even her own residence. Guyger was tried in a court of law and convicted by a jury of her peers just this past week and sentenced to 10 years in prison. The victim was 100% innocent, eating ice cream in his own home. The victim was not only innocent, but a productive member of society.


First of all, Dallas is not Cleveland, Detroit, Baltimore, or even New Orleans.

Dallas is not LOOKING for a reason to riot. Dallas is routinely cited as one of the BEST large cities in America to live. Sure there are sections of Dallas that you may not want to travel to at night, but when you think of urban decay, Dallas is certainly not the metropolis that comes to mind.

Secondly, and more importantly, the Cop in question was clearly and unequivocally in the wrong. If ever a city should be burning due to an unjust treatment of a black man by police, it is Dallas. Let's check a live view of the Dallas Skyline to look for riots, burning buildings, or police helicopters.


Actually looks like a nice Fall Day in Dallas. The problem seems to be that it's hard to get the local populace riled up over the Cop's 10 year sentence vs what the prosecutors were asking for, which was a 28 year stint in prison.

If you remember, locally, Cleveland was the focal point of the nation when young Tamir Rice was shot by police in a Cleveland Park in 2014. Black Teenager shot by White Cop in Cleveland blazed across the national headlines. The Cop was tried and convicted by the media before all the facts came out.

Then you found out Tamir Rice was waving a gun around. Then you found out the orange safety tip was broken off of the gun in question. Then you found out that the cops didn't randomly single out Rice, but a neighbor had called 911 complaining that a minor was pointing a gun at people. Then you found out that the cops in question never got the message from dispatch the the suspect could be a minor. The Rice Shooting made headlines for a month.

Every layer of the Tamir Rice story was greeted by another layer of facts which muddied up the already muddy waters. In the Tamir Rice Case, the cops were wrong and Tamir Rice was wrong. Not so wrong that he deserved to die, but wrong nonetheless. I even heard the absurd take on a local radio station that "who among us hasn't waved a gun around at a public park as a kid?"

What?!!? Um, not me or anyone I grew up with. I had neighbors who had BB gun fights when all the adults were at work, but at the first sniff of trouble, BB guns disappeared and the neighborhood rats fled to their basements. What if you were caught messing around with a BB gun in public? Your Dad came and beat your ass. (I personally saw XXXX XXXXX's Dad come out and smack XXXX around for taking a BB gun out of his yard.)

But instead of common ground, people immediately took sides. NBA players cried that they could have been Tamir Rice, (how the Hoodie Became a Racially Charged Garment) and Rush Limbaugh referred to an American movement known as "The War on Cops." Protesters took to the streets of Cleveland and blocked traffic. The Rice Family sued everything and everyone.

Personally, I remember asking my bosses at Iron Mountain about not going Downtown during the Rice protests. They were furious that employees didn't want to work downtown during the unrest. They threatened people's jobs. I said, "if protesters start rocking the Iron Mountain van, I'm not going to get Reginald Denny-ied." They would be responsible for the image of an Iron Mountain Van running over protesters. They countered that they couldn't pull their fleet every time there was trouble in Cleveland.

Heck, I remember sitting in the Cleveland State Library in 1990, waiting for the unrest to settle because Cleveland State dismissed their Vice President of Minority Affairs in a salary dispute. In Cleveland, people are ALWAYS looking for an excuse to burn things. The shooting of Tamir Rice happened not too far away from the Hough Riots. And, while you're at it, go ahead and google Mob Violence and Cleveland. That's a nice long read when Cleveland was known as Bomb City, U.S.A.

If you take up for the Police, you are racist. If you take up for citizen, you are against law and order. And certainly no one wants to talk about what a perpetually shitty job it is to be a cop in Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, or parts of Chicago.

And that's why this Dallas business has me perplexed. This case was made for rioting! I just read an article that Brandt Jean forgiving Amber Guyger doesn't erase racism. No one said that it did. Of course CNN was trying to stoke the fires with their "opinion" piece, but Brandt Jean is simply using the teachings of the Bible to reach inner peace. He is not making a statement about race relations across America. Another instance of the media making things worse and not better.

Back to our Tamir Rice example. Let's just say that it was my kid that was shot in a public park. If I really thought that the North Ridgeville Police wrongly gunned down my innocent kid, I would fight to the Supreme Court to have everyone from the Mayor on down either put in jail or fired.

If the city waved a $6 million check in front of me, I'd be like "SCREW YOU, the evidence shows that you were wrong." If I knew my kid was AT LEAST partially to blame, I would take that $6 million and quietly slink out of the public spotlight (which is what happened in the Rice Case). Who knows if a jury would find my kid or the cops more liable.

Amber Guyger was clearly wrong by a preponderance of the evidence. C'mon, let's burn down down Dallas.


Ah, the plot thickens. As I was writing this story, the key witness against the Cop was mysteriously murdered last night.


Within 12 hours, Witness Joshua's Brown's shooting was already out of the news cycle and it was back to business as usual at CNN. Bashing Trump and celebrity deaths.

10:00 PM Screenshot at CNN.

Tonight there's more rage in Dallas over the Cowboys losing big to the Packers than to the Botham Jean murder. Why is that?

(You know the answer.)



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