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Top 10 Versions of Holiday in Cambodia (!)

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

I heard there was a cover version of Holiday in Cambodia by the Foo Fighters coming out this week, so I went to ITunes to buy it. Surprisingly over 50 versions of Holiday in Cambodia existed on the platform, but not the one I was looking for.

The list below is the top 10 versions of H.I.C.

10. Jeff Penalty by Franz Nicolay

Not a cover, per se, but the story of Franz Nicolay going to see the Dead Kennedys sing the song Holiday in Cambodia without Jello Biafra. I added it to the list as an ode to meta-hijinks found on great shows like Community.

9. Holiday in Cambodia by the Jimmy Psycho Experiment

Somehow the song is edgy and soothing at the same time. That's a hard flavor to pull off.

8, Holiday in Cambodia by Duckmandu

An angry punk/comedy/polka???

7. Holiday in Cambodia by BoySetsFire

The vocals are a little off for a cover, but I want you to specifically listen to the guitar parts.

They. Are. Spot. On.

6. Holiday in Cambodia by Laaz Rockit

I didn't want to like this version, but I did. Somehow Laaz Rockit put Holiday in Cambodia through the 80's Hair Metal Filter and made it work.

5. Holiday in Cambodia by Rooster Burns and the Stetson Revolting

My head is really spinning from this country/punk/sing-a-long.

4. Holiday in Cambodia by Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl (and Serj) can do no wrong.

3. Holiday in Cambodia by Richard Cheese

Everything Richard Cheese touches becomes comedy Gold. Holiday in Cambodia, the Christmas song?????

2. Holiday in Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys

One of the greatest punk songs ever written. Period. How in the world can you top the original?


1. Holiday in Cambodia by Sister Double Happiness

Musically, Sister Double Happiness does a nice job covering the song, but underground legend Gary Floyd absolutely NAILS the underlying despair of the original.


How do you mess up Holiday in Cambodia? Due to the subject matter and graphic lyrics, the song ain't endin' up on American Idol, but these 2 bands really missed the point.

2. Holiday in Cambodia by Earth Crisis

The anger is there, but the soul is gone.

1. Holiday in Cambodia by the London Punkharmonic Orchestra

Just because you CAN cover a song, doesn't mean you SHOULD cover a song.

Too clean and beautiful. Punk should be a least a smidge dirty.


The 8-bit version of Holiday in Cambodia really confused me.

Old Fred gives this version a thumbs down.

Young Fred gives this version a thumbs up.


And then there's this from The Hard Times: Band Covering “Holiday in Cambodia” Totally Forgot About That Hard “N-Bomb” in There.

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