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Yeah, the CNN thing again (Part VI)

Yesterday, December 14, 2019, I was at my parents' home talking to them at the kitchen table with the Army/Navy football game coverage on in the background. I am not a Donald Trump fan, I have noted this on multiple occasions.

But I noticed Trump standing stoically during the inclement weather of the national anthem. I wondered to myself if Trump at the Army/Navy game would make news.

It did, but not on CNN. Trump Receives Huge Ovation from Fans - The Daily Mail

The 120th version of the Army/Navy Game? Not on CNN. Army vs. Navy - ESPN

Then I noticed something. A small story popped up on the Daily Mail last night. (18 hours ago.)

US military opens investigation after West Point cadets and Annapolis midshipmen appeared to flash white power hand signs during the live broadcast of the Army-Navy game.

Then throughout the day, similar stories started popping up on different websites.

Officials Investigate Use of Possible “White Power” Hand Sign at Army-Navy Game - 11:33 AM at Slate Magazine

Possible 'white power' hand signs at Army-Navy game probed - 2:43 PM at AOL

Military investigates possible white power signs flashed by students during Army-Navy telecast

- 5:23 PM at NBC News

Then, surprise surprise, there may or may not have been a white power hand gesture made by a cadet that was picked up during the Army/Navy telecast, and guess who splashed it on their front page?

The connotation from CNN being, Trump at Army/Navy Game, White Power symbol being flashed at Army/Navy Game.

I know CNN hates Trump, but as I talked to my parents at the kitchen table, my Dad said "there doesn't seem to be any respect for the OFFICE of the presidency anymore." And even though I didn't vote for Trump in 2016, and I definitely won't be voting for him in 2020, I couldn't disagree with his assessment.


When I was a kid, the gesture in question just meant okay. Last time I used this specific hand gesture to signify okay? I don't know, like 2 months ago on a Beacon of Speech webcast.

The gesture is also popular with the kids today in something called The Circle Game. I have never played the Circle Game.

And lastly, as of 2019, the Anti-Defamation League has added the okay symbol as a subtle White Power reference. I have never used the okay symbol as a WP reference.

How is CNN going to differentiate between the three? Oh, this problem is just beginning....


Addendum 12-18-19: On House Impeachment Day, CNN doubled down:

Why We Must Take White Supremacist Symbols Seriously

Number of paragraphs before CNN tied White Supremacy to the Trump Administration? 6


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