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Disclaimer for Iran Article (Part II)

Shhhh. You hear that? That's war drums.

Wait? What year is this?

Back in 1979, Iran took hostages from the American Embassy and held them for 444 days.

Why did Iran release the hostages? They were afraid that when newly-elected President Ronald Reagan took office, he was going to bomb their country back into the stone ages.

In 1991, Operation Desert Storm was the crescendo to the Gulf War. You know, the POPULAR WAR, where George Bush's approval rating neared 90%. As the Americans liberated Kuwait and swarmed Iraq, American Troops were on the ground within single digit miles of the Iranian border. The Iranians sat very quietly on the sidelines. My Grandfather taped the entirety of CNN's coverage of Desert Storm on VHS tape.

But not everyone was down with Middle Eastern Skirmishes. Punk band Alice Donut wrote a protest song called Dead River on their Revenge Fantasies of the Impotent album. It was one of the few songs protesting the military actions in the Middle East in 1991.

If you look closely though, the Music Video for Alice Donut's above song was a fan made effort released in 2012. What was going on in 2012? The Iraqi Insurgency. One of the factions in the insurgency was Iranian-backed Shia groups. A fan latched onto Alice Donut's anti-war sentiment, because by 2012, Skirmishes with multiple Middle Eastern nations were becoming much less popular.

Iran has been fighting proxy wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon for the past decade. Now if you live in Tehran, you'd be screaming in Persian that the United States has been fighting proxy wars in the Middle East for the past 40 years.

That's true.

But today we're specifically talking about Iran.

Not Isis. Not Al-Qaeda. Not The Taliban...

Those war drums for an Iran-U.S. Conflict have been there my whole adult life, the volume of the drums have simply been turned up and down depending on the year. And even though it was a surprise that Trump had the cajones to kill Iran's Popular General, I wrote, just 3 months ago, "Iran wants War." The Iranians mourned their own War General so hard, they accidentally killed over 50 of their own citizens.

What they don't want is a one on one conflict with the United States. They want a more mobile, unpredictable war on multiple battlefields.

As Iran lobs missiles at American Military Bases tonight, you have to wonder about the unpredictability of all sides involved.....


I posted the article at 11:30 PM.

See, that's exactly what I'm talking about.

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