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During the first week of February in the year 2020, Chinese Citizen-Journalist Fang Bin documented the first waves of the Covid Crisis in the city of Wuhan. For his trouble, the Chinese Government made him disappear. Fang Bin has now been missing for over 2 years and 9 months.

In the spirit of disappeared Chinese Citizen-Journalists such as Fang Bin, here's what going on in China, today, from a multi-national perspective before the stories start to not exist anymore from within China:

Great Britain:







And the United States:

Remember, as spoiled celebrities continue to leave Twitter because they don't like its new, mean CEO, voices within China are using Twitter as one of the last vestiges of unfiltered news.

(But don't get tricked like me. If the title is in English, its probably not Unfiltered News.)

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