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Bill Cosby, Rich Privilege, and 1995

100 years ago America was a Racist Nation. Today it is simply a nation with Racists in it.

Bill Cosby proved that again earlier this week. What was the nation's tipping point? I would argue in 1995 when Tiger Woods won his first Masters Championship or when Michael Jordan returned to the Bulls to cement his legacy as one of the most popular athletes of all-time. Symbolically, our national heroes were changing.

But more tangibly, it was O.J. Simpson being declared not guilty in an American Court of Law. It was possibly the first time that being Rich in America was more relevant than being Black in America. The nation was polarized. Many Whites were angry that the jury simply ignored the DNA evidence, many Blacks were happy that a Black man got one over on the Justice System. Because the color that mattered most was Green.

Guess what? If O.J. didn't lawyer up to his eyeballs, there might have been a very different verdict in 1995. O.J. wasn't only "not guilty," but he was not guilty in rhyme.

Bill Cosby's conviction was overturned on a TECHNICALITY. If he didn't drag his case all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, he'd still be behind bars today. Is a public defender dragging any case, from either a White or Black defendant, to the state Supreme Court? No. That was a serious cash infusion and a shit-ton of work by a Lawyer Team to get that Technicality.

Also this week Josh Gordon applied to be reinstated to the NFL after his 6th Suspension from the NFL. For those who think Gordon is just a pothead, remember, he himself said he did every drug in a GQ interview back in 2017. Gordon is simply this generation's version of Steve Howe.

You're screaming at your monitor that Poor Blacks deserve the justice of Rich Blacks? That's the point. All Americans deserve the same justice. Instead of being mad at OJ or the Cos for getting over, you should be angry with the American Justice System.

Just this week, reported on the white, 17 year old teen who was shot and killed by cops for "holding a bottle of antifreeze." And over at TheDailyBeast, they reported on white drifter Rolf Kaestel, who 40 years ago robbed a restaurant with a water gun, escaped with $264, was apprehended, and is still serving his life sentence.

When you focus on race, you are only focusing on part of the story. Remember, more Whites are poor than Blacks, but more Blacks are poor by ratios. More Whites are in jail than Blacks, but more Blacks are in jail by ratios. Every time you cherry pick specific cases based on race, like Black Lives Matter does, you miss the overarching problems, which are you need mechanisms to get rid of bad cops and you need the Justice System to not be based on dollars.


I've said it before and I'll say it again. I have a soft spot in my heart for the comedy of Bill Cosby. Don't get me wrong, I believe he raped most (if not all) of those 60 women....

You know what, I feel like I'm figuratively spinning my wheels here, we're going to stop for the time being.

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