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Cleveland is NOT Dangerous...According to

On Saturday, I saw a story at the Daily Mail:

Cleveland is ALWAYS on those lists, so I clicked the link. Lo and behold:

#10 Cleveland, Ohio

On Sunday, I saw another story at the Daily Mail:

Now I didn't think Cleveland would be on THAT list. I would think that cities on that list would be countries riddled with cartels or plagued by war:

#27 Cleveland, Ohio

Just for a frame of reference:

#26 Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil

#28 Natal, Brazil

I am very familiar with Cleveland, I graduated from Cleveland State and live on the very edge of the Cleveland Metropolitan Area.

I'm not familiar with Vitoria da Conquista. According to Travel Snippet: "(The city) is not very known for any tourist destinations. Add a murder rate of 52.47 per 100,000 citizens, and you really have no good reason to visit this municipality. Like the other cities on this list, visitors are at high risk of pickpocketing, mugging, assault, or scams."

Also not familiar with Natal. According to the U.S. State Department: Do not go to Brazil. Period.

What is's top story this weekend? It obviously should be crime if the Daily Mail keeps posting these lists, right?

Nope. Apparently Cleveland's fine. Their football team won a big game.

Maybe crime's not really there if you don't report on it?

Or, giving the website the benefit of the doubt, maybe they can't afford to pay reporters to cover all the crime.

(That's not a better argument.)

Just a reminder, this is from our article in 2021 lamenting the job of ex- Mayor Frank Jackson:

"I'm not some disgruntled City of Cleveland employee, a lot of people didn't think Mayor Jackson did a good job:

"Cleveland Police morale is at an all-time low." - Jeff Follmer CPPA President

Cleveland lost 20,000 residents between 2010 and 2020, a -5% growth rate.

Cleveland lost over 2,000 residents in the Pandemic Year alone.

Cleveland has 11 schools on the Worst 100 Schools in America List.

Cleveland has the 6th highest Foreclosure Rate in America...."

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1 Comment

John Jupiter
John Jupiter
Sep 11, 2023

Forgot to mention.....the city is mostly Black

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