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CNN is Ignoring Myanmar

Last night on Facebook, CNN shared a story about ladies playing Teqball on the White House lawn. Yet another powderpuff piece from CNN in relation to the new administration. Then a blurb caught my eye at the bottom of the comments section about the story. What is happening in Myanmar?

I watched the feed from khitthitnews with thousands of Burmese marching in the streets to protest the coup d'etat from the Myanmar National Military. A real coup. What did CNN have to report after thousands took to the street in Yangon?

Here's a screen shot from CNN at 11:30 AM, about 12 hours after the marches. Let's see....


Biden is good.

Trump is bad.

That's more or less the news for the day from CNN's perspective.

You're yelling at your computer than no one cares about Myanmar?

On Jan. 6, 2021, a bunch of knuckleheads stormed the Capitol building. It was embarrassing for America, but Democracy survived. Every story at CNN that day was about the "insurrection."

Insurrection was a very strong word for what happened and let me tell you why. Let's say Horned-Hat Guy was successful in his quest and took a Congressman hostage. What would have happened next?

Horned-Hat Guy tells the military he's in charge at the Capitol because he has a Congressman, and then the Generals listen? Since they have a Congressman, they can't certify the election so Trump is in charge until they release members of Congress? And American Generals listen?


What happened in America was on January 6, 2021, Team Red rioted. They did that in response to the 100-150 riots that Team Blue had in 2020. There was no way any American General was going to prevent the Electoral College certification results and march Donald Trump back into the White House. Zero percent chance.

But CNN wants you to believe that we, in America, weren't protected by the Constitution and we were minutes away from having the government overthrown.


In Myanmar, there was a real coup. President Win Myint and Nobel Prize Winner/State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi were arrested and escorted from their positions of leadership by the country's Tatmadaw. Yesterday, the people took to the streets to demand that their Democratically elected leaders were returned to power.

CNN yawned.

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Feb 15, 2021

Ray Romano from Everybody Loves Raymond

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