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Dark Humor or Hate Speech

Now that's funny. If I were the late Sam Kinison, I would have taken that meme and employed it in my stand-up act.

I can read that third one in his voice:

....and number 3, I'd put that third nuke in Hiroshima. JUST IN CASE THEY THOUGHT WE WERE SORRY. OH-OH!!!

But poor Sam died over 30 years ago. Few comedians have that fearless gene left in 'em.

Who would be the offended by the meme above? Well, besides snowflakes, the Japanese. You say that was almost 80 years ago? From Today: "In the wake of 'Oppenheimer's' first few weeks in theaters, some people of Japanese descent have raised qualms about Oppenheimer specifically in regard to what they call its lack of engagement with or visibility for Japanese victims of the atomic bombings."


How was your day today? My day kind of sucked. You know how many times I laughed today? Once. At that nuke meme.....

When I was a kid, the song "Bomb Iran" made me laugh.

You know why we're defenders of free speech? Because what makes me laugh may not make you laugh and vice versa.

It seems like humor is being squeezed out of modern life....

I think I'm done for the night. Reason gets the last word:

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