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Deshaun Watson's 28 Game Suspension

If you want to get into technicalities, let's really wallow in the muck and mire of the Deshaun Watson Case.

Technically Watson's Suspension was 28 Games - Simple Math, Watson was available for the 2021 season and wasn't allowed to play. Add an 11 game suspension to that and that's 28 games.

Technically Sue Robinson was Correct in her Original Ruling - Ms. Robinson based her ruling off of the law and NFL precedent. If the NFL was furious with the original arbitrator ruling, they only have to look in the mirror as to who to be angry with. Again, let me repeat that statement for effect: Robinson used NFL precedent to establish the original suspension.

Technically the Browns knew Watson was Going to be Suspended - Remember, the Browns back loaded the contract. Watson is still getting his almost QUARTER OF A BILLION dollars guaranteed. That's why you saw the owner out in front of the press today saying he would sign Watson all over again.

Technically Mob Justice is Dangerous - Throughout the process, the NFL continued to gauge fan reaction and based their decisions off of outrage. In this case, even if the mob is right, mob justice is fundamentally dangerous. At your workplace, would you prefer to be judged by your employers' standards or by a random set of angry citizens?

Technically the Browns "Just Want to Win" - I have been listening to Cleveland Browns Daily with local spinmeisters Nathan Zegura and Beau Bishop. They talk about Watson's elite talent and how their boss, Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam, just wants to win.

Now don't get me wrong, I 100% believe the female accusers. Do I personally think Watson should be in the NFL? Oh, certainly not. But my whole argument is that the NFL doesn't care. Since the days of Jim Brown, through the days of Ray Rice, and up to, and including, today, the NFL weathers wave after wave of PR missteps. They are trying to find the happy medium between placating abusive, world class athletes who are paid to play a violent game for a living, and punishing them for their criminal activities.

And that's certainly Zegura's attitude. He wants to get the suspension over with so Watson can play some football.

There's an easy fix here, the NFL can institute a zero tolerance policy for abusing the opposite sex. The NFL has a zero tolerance policy for gambling on football. They don't WANT to do anything until they are guilted into doing anything.

This whole case has really turned me off to the Browns. Will I stop watching? I'm a bad example because I'm pretty stupid.

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