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Done with LeBron

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Back in 1991, my late Grandfather taped the entirety of the 100-hour Gulf War. He was a navy veteran and ate that shit up. He cherished those VHS tapes, it was amazing that you could watch war on TV he explained. My Grandfather watched those tapes over and over and over.

Those Iraqis couldn't surrender fast enough and despite warning after warning from the US government, they still seemed very ill prepared for the Americans approaching across the desert.

So here we sit, for the last 2 weeks, waiting to see if Putin is going to plow through Ukraine in the same manner, or simply annex Russian areas of Ukraine. Like my Grandfather, it is amazing to me to see pre-war play out on the internet.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this story at both and

LeBron James: Door Not Closed on Return to the Cleveland Cavaliers


NO, no, no, no, no. I barely paid attention to the NBA all-star game that took place an hour from my home. I don't know the context of LeBron James' sudden sentimentality, but let's be clear, he's not welcome back.

The first go around, James stabbed Gilbert in the back, but I'll tell you what, Gilbert was alot like Saddam Hussein insomuch as he didn't believe what was right before his eyes was actually going to happen. And then it happened. That was on Gilbert.

Then James came back and brought a championship to Cleveland. To most, all was forgotten and forgiven. (Not here, but I'm a crusty ol' s.o.b.) Then LeBron broke Kyrie Irving's brain, spun Kevin Love around, and decimated the Cavaliers for a second time before that second departure.

Sportswriters softened the reality that at least Cleveland got their one Championship. Listen, the NBA is set up to keep their superstars. That is why the Bird Rule exists.

LeBron looks in the mirror every morning and decides what's best for LeBron. Lots of people in America are me-first guys. Just don't try to tell me you're not a me-first guy when you're the biggest me-first guy in the NBA. L.A. is your town. Bunch of front-runners who barely care about sports, even when you win. Phony balonies sitting around in the sun, counting their money and pretending that they're friends with the other rich people.

Don't try to spin the James propaganda machine here, I know the story.

Brass Tacks:

Micheal Jordan brought Chicago 6 Championships

LeBron James brought Cleveland 1 Championship

End of story.


I am so sick of LeBron. Maybe Dan Gilbert wants LeBron back a third time, but Gilbert also had a stroke and doesn't know up from down.

And maybe LeBron really wants to come back, but Candice Owens made waves this week when she said "LeBron isn't that Smart."

I have to have read 50 Ukraine articles this week and started following the Kyiv Post. I am ashamed of myself that I'm writing about the NBA instead of Ukraine. My Grandfather would be disappointed in me.

Editor's Note: I hit the publish button around 8:00 pm on Sunday Feb. 20, unaware that all the festivities weren't over and the all-star game hadn't actually been played yet. That's my bad. I woke up Monday morning and local stations 92.3 The Fan, Fox 8 News, and NewsChannel 5 were all tripping over themselves to sing LeBron's praises.

Dan Gilbert was nowhere to be seen and appears to still be at least partially incapacitated. Do you think he was happy LeBron was the face of the 2022 All Star Game?

By all appearances, LeBron "WON."

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