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Free Speech Under Attack Specifically This Week

At our core we are a Free Speech Website. If you paid close attention, it was a very bad week for Free Speech rights.

The whole reason I'm writing this today is, according to the Daily Mail, in February, the FBI raided the home of a Child Porn Suspect. The USA Today printed a story about the raid about 3 hours after it took place and cost the lives of 2 FBI agents and the suspect.

Now the FBI wants the names and IP addresses of everyone who read the story at the USA Today the first half hour after it was published. Why? "Undisclosed."

Let me be very clear, the right answer here is for the USA Today to tell the FBI to FUCK OFF.

So far Gannett, the parent company of the USA Today, has done the right thing and not complied. But they have to go to court to protect themselves. Can you imagine having the FBI contact you because you read a story in a newspaper? That is crap that goes on in China.....

Also at the Daily Mail and Zero Hedge on Thursday, riots are again erupting in Minneapolis, with both publications renaming the city Murderapolis. The Left wing media is currently not covering the riots because citizens (like me) are having trouble discerning the Capitol Riots from Murderapolis Riots. Again, Derek Chauvin is in prison, what are you rioting for? You want to defund the police? That's as radical on the left as the Capitol Riots were on the right....

So a year ago, platforms such as Google said that if you advance the Wuhan Lab Theory for the coronavirus, you weren't welcome on their platform.

Now, all of a sudden, the tides have turned and it's supposedly okay to debate the bioweapon theory....

Lead Story at Drudge Report this weekend? Department of Justice spied on New York Times...

Edward Snowden is right again, this time about Belarus....

Anonymous made a video threatening Elon Musk with retaliation, then the video disappeared from the Anonymous YouTube Channel. I found someone who was willing to re-broadcast the video, but how soon before they have to pull down the video also?

We're going to pause here and wonder aloud why more of these stories aren't being covered by most media outlets.

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