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Further Down the Slippery Slope -or- Beacon of Speech Conceptual Artists Part III

Updated: May 23

I haven't been able to make Beacon of Speech my full time job, meaning I still have an undisclosed day job. This week, I'm in Indianapolis for a Conference and I sat in on an AI Security Meeting. Not how to develop it, but more so an overview of the dangers of it.

The 2 most interesting things that I learned:

  1. The best way to fight AI is with better AI. That's depressing.

  2. AI will do anything you tell it. Kind of. AI is still not a person. If your AI is set up with certain parameters that blocks explicit content, you can still circumvent the blockers if you describe explicit content in an extra tech-y way. There is still a team of Gatekeepers for AI, in Wix's case, it's Google and Open AI. The problem is, we are very close to AI breaking free from its man-made parameters. On the other hand, sometimes AI acts like Amelia Bedelia and doesn't give you what you want, because what you want is nuanced. And, I'm still not sure why, but items with copyright issues don't seem to work very well.

Once you can't control AI, there's a 5% chance it destroys humanity. (Not kidding.)

If humanity survives, the remaining problem with AI would be the actions of "bad actors." I'm sure you'd use AI for good, but others, not so much (kind of like free speech.)

At Beacon of Speech, we do not use AI for writing or titles, we can do bad all by ourselves. But we do use it for Blog Images. (Mostly due to our aversions to being sued.) Now don't get me wrong, Young Fred still thinks AI Art is the coolest thing ever:

But Evil Fred envisions an Army of Digital Hugh Hefners, creating a tidal wave of porn.

Everything in this world comes down to what person controls what person. Human beings are at the top of the metaphorical mental food chain.

We, as humans, fear the unknown as we are about to become # 2.


Could our writing at Beacon of Speech be an historically obsolete relic as soon as it's published?

Yeah... that sounds about right.


Addendum: 8 hours later.

I kept asking AI for a Map of Iowa for a different story.

Over a dozen times, AI gave me crap like this:

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