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Greta Van Fleet vs Buckethead

Greta Van Fleet is currently low on my listening list. It's not that they're bad, they're not, they're fine. It's just.....I can't put my finger on it. There's a certain mythology to being rock stars and Greta Van Fleet just seem to be regular guys who wear rock outfits, like they're putting on a stage production. Again, it's just my opinion and what do I know?

So YouTube rolled Greta Van Fleet's The Weight of Dreams into my Classic Rock mix. It is an excellent song and for a brief moment I cursed my own judgement. I wondered aloud why I had to be such a jaded bastard all the time. "God Bless Greta Van Fleet for keeping the Rock Flame flickering," I thought.

Then I continued to type.

Type, type, type, focusing on my writing.

Type, type, type.....

Hey wait a minute, YouTube is replaying Weight of Dreams? I switched windows and the song playing was no longer Greta Van Fleet, but Buckethead's Soothsayer.

Now Buckethead's not really on my radar either. I respect him and I'm aware of his work, but the only song I own by Buckethead is We Are One. So I stopped writing and concentrated on Soothsayer. An amazing nine minute guitar instrumental.

Then I went back and listened to Weight of Dreams. Weight of Dreams has soaring vocals to begin the song and me and my brain had a brief conversation. "What are we doing here?"

Went back and listened to Soothsayer.

Then went back and listened to Weight of Dreams, starting at the interlude at the 4:55 mark.

Went back and listened to 2006's Soothsayer yet again.

Then went back and listened to Weight of Dreams. Live:

Went back and listened to Soothsayer for a fourth time. (By this time, my wife thinks I have OCD.)


My brain and the YouTube algorithm know a secret....

You know what? We're done here.


Before you go, please listen to We Are One. Yes, that's Buckethead and THE Serj from System of a Down.

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