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Idiots: Photo Essay

We need to open:

Strip Clubs!



(Not his workplace, mind you, he's retired. YOUR Workplace.)

Electric Car Factories!



As I was cutting and pasting, I found a similar article at, from late April.

You know what I couldn't find?

A few senior citizens that I know have lamented that the local libraries are closed, but they haven't taken to the streets. I googled OPEN OUR LIBRARIES and found nothing.

NOTHING! Don't you see the irony of people protesting to open bars and not the libraries?

This is a Libertarian leaning website. The Federal Government's job is to get out of the way of the people.* But you see that * ? The Federal Government's job is to step in and guide the Union in times of War and once in a century national emergencies. When the United States creates perpetual War (troops in over 150 countries) and superficial emergencies like transgender bathroom access rights, the populace tires of an overreaching Federal Government.

So when a real emergency comes, like the coronavirus outbreak, and the President of the United States all of a sudden finds his inner libertarian and screeches State's Rights in order to get re-elected, it is both galling and insulting.

Since Trump is the President, it is his job to make the correct decision for the good of the country, popularity be damned. If he really does believe in State's Rights, then he needs to profess his beliefs in times of non-emergencies (and that would be 99% of the time.)

Donald Trump needs to stand at the podium and profess what he believes is what is in the best interest of the United States. If that means being being voted out of office, so be it, history will measure his actions, not blue or red mobs. What is happening now is that Trump is frantically grasping at straws in order to get re-elected. Are the Democrats like sharks in the water smelling blood? Oh they sure are, but Donald Trump is 73 years old, he has a billion dollar golden parachute and he should have been doing what's best for the country, and not Donald Trump, from the start.

If you're one of the (insert derogatory term here) who thinks that Trump was sent by God, I've got some news for you. Some have said that the coronavirus is the harbinger of the end times. Good. You see those photos at the top of the page? Go ahead and scribble on devil horns on all of those images. For all I care, you can scribble a pitchfork in my hand for my last blog post.

If you return to the Bible, it does not state ANYWHERE, (I double checked), that we as a people are allowed to sacrifice 1% of the old and sick population in order to avoid economic hardship. I'm not saying you can't think that way, I'm saying you can't think that way WHILE citing the Bible (i.e. Glenn Beck.)


This made me laugh out loud and it captured exactly what I was trying to say in a nutshell.

If you have an opinion, stand by it. Don't hide behind some vague national employment argument, just admit you don't care about your fellow Americans and want to go to the Gym.

America is all about you.

At least Danny Rose is being honest honest about what he thinks of England.


Wow, right before I posted this article I went to The Blaze and made some comments about Glenn Beck preaching the Prosperity Gospel instead of the Regular Gospel and maybe all these people bitching about stay-at-home orders should have voted Libertarian instead of the Republican/Democratic Duopoly, just to test the waters to see how this piece would be received.

That went really, really, really badly for yours truly.

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