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Royal In-Law Problems

A month ago, I wrote that the issues between Harry and Meghan and the Royal Family were nothing more than magnified family drama: Please Ignore Great Britain: At Least the Royal Family.

So when Prince Phillip died.....


My Grandfather was a great man and sadly passed away a few years back at the age of 95. Coincidentally, my wife was also the same age as Meghan Markle (39) when he died, including the miscarriage history.

If my wife was pregnant and she had to make an 11 hour flight, in coach, to another country, and then she'd have to stay in a cramped motel room, all in the time of Covid, just to see my deceased Grandfather, I wouldn't make her go. I would attend the funeral alone. But.....

How do you think Harry is getting back to Great Britain? I bet it's on a private jet.

Where is he staying? I bet it's in the guest quarters of the Palace. I bet you it's NOT at the easyHotel. Do you think he has to go to Hertz and get a rental car?

Do you think Harry and Meghan have a nanny? Or 3? This ruse by Harry and his wife that the trip from L.A. to London would be arduous is farcical.

Again, we are not talking about MY GRANDFATHER.

We are talking about Prince Phillip who was married to the symbolic leader of the British Empire. Markle, who claims to be about the greater good, is going to continue on passing on networking with Royal leaders who can help her accomplish her goals of achieving the "greater good."

British Empire in 1921: 30 years before Elizabeth

Because she doesn't like her in-laws. Before Harry renounced his position in the monarchy, he was 6th in line to the throne. Both figuratively and literally, there are no greater access points to other world leaders than to be part of the English Monarchy.

What would you think if Harry was your son and Meghan was your daughter-in-law and she wanted to skip out on the funeral of the Family Patriarch?

Answer: Drama.


....accolades flooded in and continue to flood in.

At least if you live in Great Britain. I read very fine tributes at nearly all English Outlets:

Across the pond, left-wing websites couldn't wait to to move their talking points at the expense of the Royal Family:

My take? For over a century, Great Britain has been one of our staunchest allies, so we, as a country, should show our respect. But Prince Phillip never actually ran the country. We should honor him in the same way we would honor a historically great American, like Bob Hope, that contributed to the nation's identity, yet was never elected to any office.

Meghan Markle is simply a Woke Celebrity, less talented than Hannah Gadsby, weaker filmography than Kourtney Kardashian. Making family drama when every other member of the Royal Family is tripping over themselves to get back to London.

Oh, and I'd be remiss to mention that Prince Phillip was simply a man. One of the first articles I did for TopTenz [Top 10 (False) Modern Gods], mentioned that some natives in the South Pacific islands, including the island of Vanuatu, worshipped Prince Phillip as a God.

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