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Joe Biden Has Us at the Precipice of WW III

For the first year of Donald Trump's Presidency, I checked the news every day to see if he had nuked New Zealand, invaded Madagascar, or tried to buy Greenland.

But Trump's term has been expired for a year and a half now. You can't keep blaming Trump for world events. You just can't.

CNN was in a lather for four years that Trump would trigger a third world war.

The headlines below are all from CNN:

2016: Could World War III Start Here (3 days before the election, CNN warned that a vote for Trump would be a vote for a third world war.)

2017: Trump Setting US "on Path to World War III"

2017: US Senator: Trump Pushing US to World War III

2018: Montenegro: We're too Small to Start a World War (Trump suggested Montenegro could be a catalyst for war.)

2018: NATO Allies Worry if the West Can Withstand the Trump Presidency

2020: World War III is Trending (Because Trump killed an Iranian General.)

Donald Trump is now a private citizen again. Even if he stood on the top of Trump Tower and screamed "I declare war on Russia" in front of a bevy of journalists, his words would carry no constitutional weight. Donald Trump did not lead us into World War III, no matter what left-leaning news agencies want you to believe.

Trump's presidency is in the history books, but in the last 10 days, Russia has annexed 4 Ukrainian Oblasts, North Korea has shot a missile over Japan, and someone (maybe us) blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline.

CNN Headlines should SCREAM: Joe Biden Has Us at the Precipice of WW III

Let's head on over to CNN:

In a world on the brink of war, the lead story is the January 6th Hearings?

Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons less than a week ago and CNN is still transfixed on 2020?

How is no one attaching world events to Biden?

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