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Let's Break Down Trump's Propaganda

We admit it, we mostly treat Donald Trump with kid gloves at Beacon of Speech.

If you want ferocious investigative reporting against Trump, there's literally a hundred websites that will provide that service to you. If you want blind Trump-fervor, BOS is also the wrong place for you.

With that being said, we can't let Donald Trump's latest propaganda slide. Let's take a closer look: (Starting at Noon and examining clockwise.)

FBI: The FBI, on a whole, likes Trump

Fake News: There was more fake news generated by Trump, than he was a victim of.

Antifa: They, by definition, are anti-fascist.

Do you remember when Trump put all those reporters in jail?

That never happened.

Do you remember when Trump rounded people up and stuffed them in concentration camps?

That never happened.

Do you remember when Trump tricked generals into re-instating him as president, and then tore up the Constitution to stay in power.

That was never going to happen.

Antifa hates Trump because he's mean and crass?

Indictment x4: Let's review, shall we?

  1. Paying off a mistress.

  2. Sloppy record keeping.

  3. Told a bunch of sheep in Halloween Costumes to throw a collective temper tantrum.

  4. Thought he won an election that he lost.

Those are not attacks, those are all self-inflicted wounds.

Pedophiles: For the record, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have come out strongly against pedophiles. Biden may exhibit some creepy behavior, but there is no organized pedophilia group actively attacking specifically Donald Trump.

Marxists: A full third of Americans embrace tenets of marxism. This may be the first accurate gun symbol, for Trump is a caricature of capitalism.

Communists: There are 15,000 registered Communists in America. About the same as the number of male, college lacrosse players. It really doesn't matter, statistically, if communists hate Trump.

Fascists: So both fascists AND anti-fascists hate Trump? Apparently Donald Trump is quite the uniter.

Swamp: Trump cronies were just as bad as the political establishment.

HRC: Oh, she definitely hates him. Not because he's awful, necessarily, but because he stole her dream. Trump should be looking over his shoulder.

Deep State: If the Deep State really wanted Trump dead, he would be dead.

RINOs: Donald Trump is a right-leaning populist. RINOs don't like Conservatives or Populists in general.

Globalists: That one is the most hilarious. For someone who claimed to be America First, he sure made a lot of foreign deals.

DOJ: The "Law and Order" President is being attacked by the Department of Justice? That's also quite amusing. Maybe Trump should flip to Libertarian and pledge to dissolve the DOJ. (That would never happen, on a number of levels.)

Democrats: Don't let anyone fool you, most Democrats LOVE Trump. He is a convenient Boogeyman. Democrats lurch farther and farther to the left under the guise that you can't vote for Trump. A strong Republican Candidate would make them move toward the center.

George Soros: 93 year old George Soros is nothing more than a prune-eating, left-leaning boogeyman. Trump and Soros, 2 billionaire peas in a pod.

You want to know why Donald Trump was nice to Vladimir Putin? Because Trump knew that Putin meant business: These are the prominent critics and enemies Putin is suspected of having killed.

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