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Me, Facebook, and the Russian Bots

Earlier today, I posted a picture on Facebook of a squirrel eating some stolen peanuts in a tree.

I don't post everyday and when I do post, it is rarely anything scandalous. I save my edgy material for my own website, that way I decide the content, not a third party. Since I've been on Facebook, I have only run afoul of their standards twice. I have only reported one person, ever. Surprisingly, 2 of those 3 incidents resurfaced this weekend.

  • On August 15, 2021, I was accused of Bullying by an Old Betty on the Dr. Demento Fan Page. My crime? I kid you not, it was posting Captain Sensible lyrics. Today I found out that my appeal was denied. Uhh, my case was still in appeal a year later?

  • Last December, I found a Russian Bot named David Ca. I flagged Mr. Ca and Facebook told me I was wrong, Mr. Ca is indeed a real person. Mr. Ca continued to spew his Russian Propaganda, with such patently false narratives as Ukraine actually invaded Russian Interests and Ukrainians are Nazis. Some time between June 22 and June 26, Mr. Ca got put in Facebook Jail, and coincidentally, David Clarck joined Facebook. David Clarck also coincidentally hated Ukrainians and posted on David Ca's page almost everyday about the Russo-Ukrainian War. So let me get this straight, I have a pending appeal regarding song lyrics and Russian Bots are running burner accounts? That's why people hate Facebook. As of yesterday, David Ca was back spewing his regular garbage.

  • Don't forget, also in 2021, I was warned by Facebook for a post in 2016 where I referenced a poor buffalo who got hit by lightning and lived. For all I know, Facebook is still appealing that ruling., there's quite a thunderstorm outside my window. I'm done, I said my piece.

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