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Miscellaneous Headlines in College Football for Labor Day

Nepo Baby Wins Big Game

Don't get me wrong, Shedeur Sanders has a ton of talent, but the reason Deion Sanders went into coaching was to make sure a college coach didn't try to switch Shedeur's "natural" position of quarterback. Sr. Sanders also wanted to make sure his kid didn't sit on the bench for 2, 3, or 4 years.

Just like in the pros, when Deion didn't like to tackle, when his kids are out of college, I don't anticipate Deion continuing to coach football for the "love of the game."

I do give credit to Deion for being a good Dad and making sure his gifted kid gets a $100 million QB contract.


Notre Dame Dominates Rivalry Game Against Tennessee State

1988 Fighting Irish Schedule (12-0 Record)

  • (9) Michigan

  • Michigan State

  • Purdue

  • Stanford

  • Pittsburgh

  • (1) Miami

  • Air Force

  • Navy

  • Rice

  • Penn State

  • (2) USC

  • (3) West Virginia

2023 Fighting Irish Schedule

  • Navy

  • Tennessee State

  • N.C. State

  • Central Michigan

  • Ohio State

  • Duke

  • Louisville

  • USC

  • Pittsburgh

  • Clemson

  • Wake Forest

  • Stanford

Even casual college football fans know the score here.


The Real Miami Wins

Earlier this week, Miami of Ohio was talking smack about Miami of Florida.

Miami (Fla) won 38-3


A Crime in Oregon

Oregon beat Portland State 81-7. The 2 campuses are only separated by 100 miles. Why would you beat your in-state neighbor so bad?

Portland State coach Bruce Barnum said, "we were outmatched everywhere.”

Portland State made $575,000 by traveling to Eugene. Tennessee State made $1,000,000 when traveling to South Bend.

So let's repeat the question: Why would Dan Lanning beat an in-state neighbor so bad? MALICE.


Paying for Victories

Other than Colorado's upset of TCU, every team in the Top 25 won, most by 30, 40, and 50 point margins. Money dictated winners and losers almost everywhere.

As a matter of fact, MONEY now dictates everything in college football.

Newsweek: "The college football landscape will be close to unrecognizable starting next year....realignment (of the conferences) has largely been dictated by the money that comes from college football."

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