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Quoting Captain Sensible is Hate Speech (?)

So I was on the Dr. Demento Fan Site on Facebook and a fan posted Captain Sensible's 1983 single "Wot."

That video was one of my favorites when I was a kid. What always made me laugh is when Captain Sensible knocked over an Adam Ant lookalike in the motel lobby. As the fake Adam laid on the floor stunned, Captain Sensible sang:

Well, hello Adam, where you been?

I said a'stand aside 'cause I'm feelin' mean

I've had a gutful of you and I'm feelin' bad

Well, you're an ugly old pirate and ain't I glad

Hardly Tupac v Biggie. So I cut and pasted the lyrics and posted them to the Dr. Demento Facebook page. You know, cause they're funny, especially in the context of time.

My comments were immediately banned by Facebook for violating their bullying and harassment policy. Really?

Yes really.

I then appealed the decision and Facebook referred me to their Bullying Prevention Hub. Facebook also gave me a link to their Community Standards page.

Facebook quickly reviewed, then upheld, their ban of Dr. Sensible lyrics.

I submitted an appeal to a third party arbitrator.


Death by a thousand cuts, my friends.

Death by a thousand cuts.

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