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Russian Bot David Ca's Endless Propaganda

David Ca is a Russian Bot that delivers Russian Propaganda daily, but at least he's not a one-trick pony:

Some days he talks about how terrible America is.

Some days he talks about how awesome Russia is.

Some days he talks about how Ukraine is chock full of Nazis.

Some days he talks about the hundreds of thousands of NATO troops itching to invade Russia from Poland and Estonia and plant the NATO Flag in Red Square.

But thank goodness that I'm on good terms with the CIA and they aren't too concerned with Mr. Ca. As a matter of fact, they leaked me their latest artist's rendition of Ca above, which looks nothing like his Facebook Profile.

What's got me riled up today? David Ca, despite living at an undisclosed location in North America, wants you to know that it's CHINA that's the home of the free and the land of the brave.

Yes, that China.

Screen shots taken from his Facebook Page:

There's so many things wrong with those infographics, my brain just short-circuited.

Maybe if David Ca thinks China is so awesome, maybe he should move there.

Awww, too bad for David Ca, China is one of the hardest places in the world to gain citizenship.

But his propaganda begets a bigger question: Where are the free speech lines?

If David Ca is real, wouldn't free speech lines be different for his country of origin? Not necessarily, Facebook is a private company, not a country. Why do you think places like Russia and China block Facebook?

If David Ca is a fake account, with multiple propagandists working shifts to disseminate information, that's not the same as a person's free speech, is it? Ah, ah, ah, remember the concept of corporate personhood. Could David Ca really be David Ca, Inc? Doubtful, but possible.

If David Ca is generated AI, where does AI's free speech lines lie?

Where does a bot's free speech line lie? Good question. An estimated 64% of all traffic on X (formerly Twitter) are bots.


Coincidentally, Chinese Journalist Zhang Zhan is due to be released from prison today. Her crime? 4 years in jail for reporting on Covid.

Please remind me the number of American Journalists who went to jail for reporting on Covid.

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