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Russian Conspiracy Theories

According to Nic Robertson at CNN: There's a noticeable change in Putin's public behavior. Here's why. Then Nic Roberston talks for 2 minutes, but doesn't say anything. He rambles on about Covid and Putin meeting other heads of state, but doesn't answer his own core question. Why is there a noticeable change in Putin's Behavior? Robertson almost had the answer, if he knew how to connect the dots.

Let me remind you, I live in America, I (technically) don't know the answer either.

Didn't we write about this on August 7 at Beacon of Speech? "According to the SVR General Channel on Telegram, they are ADAMANT that the gentleman in the picture is a body double. They claim the "real" Putin hasn't been seen in public since the Invasion of Ukraine." You can't tell very clearly from our CNN screen shot. But to me, the gentleman that hangs around the Kremlin and meets other world leaders in the video LOOKS like Putin. The Russian walking around Moscow, shaking hands and kissing babies KINDA LOOKS like Putin. Nic Robertson is watching the same video as me, he's not on the ground in Moscow---

WTF just happend?

BBC: Yevgeny Prigozhin Presumed Dead

Wall Street Journal: Wagner Chief Dies in Plane Crash Outside Moscow

BBC: Prigozhin Was a "Dead Man Walking"

From June 25 at the SVR General Channel:

Before I could even take a breath to comprehend what happened to Prigozhin, more headlines:

The Mirror: Expert Warns Prigozhin "Body Double" May Have Been on Plane.

CNN: "Wing Fell Off Plane"

What? When's the last time a wing just fell off a plane?

Supposedly Hitler had a body double.

Supposedly Saddam Hussein had body double.

Supposedly Stalin had body double.

Supposedly Kim Jong-un had a body double.

What are the chances of Putin AND Prigozhin BOTH having body doubles?

At some point, isn't it absurd that we are talking about who's alive and who's dead in Russia?

Who's real and who's an impostor?

What if Prigozhin and his team were killed a month ago, but their bodies were loaded into a plane and then the pilot parachuted away after takeoff?

I mean, what is real and what is a conspiracy?

I am giving the last word to the SVR General Channel, who is clearly convinced that the plane crash was an assassination of ALL of the Wagner Group's top leaders: (Just a reminder, the language is a bit clunky because it is in Russian, then translated into English.)

"The destruction by the Russian air defense system over the territory of Russia of the aircraft in which Yevgeny Prigozhin and Dmitry Utkin were located puts a bullet in the case of Prigozhin's rebellion, and in the existence of the Wagner PMC. Under the leadership of the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev, an operation was developed to destroy Yevgeny Prigozhin and the entire leadership of the Wagner PMC. The elimination of Prigozhin and Utkin, this is the main, but not the final stage of this operation, according to the plan, all the commanders of the Wagner PMC who supported the rebellion should be destroyed. We already talked about this almost immediately after the rebellion, but then few people attached importance to this information. The President was informed about the plans and he gave the go-ahead for implementation. Recently, Putin has practically not participated in the life of the country, and even without his go-ahead, the operation would have been carried out. The president dies and the leadership of the power bloc led by Nikolai Patrushev is preparing to seize power, or rather, to transit, as they see it. All stages of preparation must be completed before Putin's death, and here there is little time left. The death of Prigozhin solves two problems at once. Firstly, it removes from the political field a figure who can mobilize and arm twenty-five thousand "thugs" with combat experience, and in a period of political uncertainty can start his own game, confusing the plans of the security forces. Secondly, the destruction of Prigozhin opens the way to the next stage in the preparation of transit - the purge of the "army", here it is planned to block any possibility of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (GRU) to intervene in the struggle for power on someone's side or to play their own game. Yes, and the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu and the Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov are already decently "zae..ali" the security forces. Patrushev, who led the country and negotiations with Prigozhin during the rebellion, initially had a different plan, which included first purges of the military and then the destruction of PMCs, but the president intervened in the process defending Shoigu and Gerasimov, and had to adapt plans to current conditions. Now Putin is weakening every day, the double is completely under the control of the security forces, who managed to find mutual understanding with the leadership of the FSO, and Patrushev understands that it is necessary to act quickly. It remains, however, still Kadyrov, as a possible factor of instability in the plans of the coming to power of the Patrushev clan, but there are both plan A and plan B on this account. We repeat, this is not the first time, few people want to hear right away, ALL Wagner PMC commanders who took part in the rebellion will be destroyed . And for our opponents so zealously striving for power in Russia, we inform you: PRIGOGINE TO BE DISCOUNTED EARLY!"

Prigogine? Ilya Prigogine???


Man are we deep down the rabbit hole.


Side Note in America:

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