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Russian History in Real Time -Part I-

Friday 10 PM

Eastern Standard Time


Forget CNN.

What are the UKRAINIANS thinking?

Let's check the Kyiv Post.

Ahhh, the Kyiv Post.

Nice job.

It's not 1991, let's go to Russia itself!

RT is holding the State line. Let's see how long that lasts.

So far, the Russian Media at TASS and RT may have a specific spin on Prigozhin, but they are at least covering the biggest story in the world.

Pravda is NOT covering the Prigozhin Story in real time. Why? Because I think they're afraid the average Russian will side with Prigozhin and not General Surovikin.

Lastly, what does Russian Bot David Ca have to say?

Magically, when the crap hits the fan INSIDE of Russia, David Ca hasn't been able to find his keyboard. Not for the last 32 hours. You know why? Because Ca soiled his trousers.

Pretty sad for someone who was posting 10 times a day just a few days ago.


Are we rooting for Putin or Prigozhin for the future of Russia? We are rooting for the Russian Invasion to end. Yevgeny Prigozhin is a scary dude...

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