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Technically, Andy Warhol was Right

"In the Future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes." - Andy Warhol

So as Pride Month chugs along, I came across this flag on Reddit:

Literally two mouse clips later at Vice:

What Pride Month means to Queer Indians with Disabilities.


I just want to make a few short points.

  1. You know why Vice filed for Bankruptcy last month? Read that Vice article. In 2019, Vice Media was worth $5.7 Billion.

  2. There's about 300 million Americans right now. How many Disabled, Gay, Indians can there be? 12? 15? I would bet a large sum of money that there's not more than 20 in the whole country. Wait a minute, isn't Indians a derogatory term? Shouldn't the author have used the term Native-Americans?

  3. Nope. The author doesn't mean Native-Americans, but Indians from India. Or Indians from India that live in America. Actually, the author isn't clear on where their subjects live at all. They only note how hard it is to identify as queer. And disabled. And being Indian. But if you're an Indian in India, that's not really a strike, is it?

  4. My daughter has a friend that comes to our house who's very nice. She's about 20, she's one quarter Native American and I suspect she may have a fluid sexuality. How many Bisexual, Native Americans are there in Ohio? Is she "Two-Spirit?" I think my daughter's friend is also in a very limitedly numbered group. Maybe I should ditch Beacon of Speech and write for Vice. (Editor's Note: In about a year, the pay will be the same.)

  5. I have seen a few of Tara Shett's videos on Facebook Reels. She is a Feminist Disability Advocate. Other than her wheelchair, she seems like your average girl next door. When I googled Female/Instagram/Wheelchair, I was surprised at how many influencers popped up.

  6. One of my favorite singers of all time is Gary Floyd. Not familiar with Gary Floyd? He was a Gay, Southern, Punk Singer. You know what? Let's pause and talk a little more about Gary Floyd.

Back during the Reagan Administration, Gary Floyd was the lead singer of a punk band called the Dicks. I thought the Dicks were an average punk band with an amazing singer. After the Dicks blew apart, Floyd founded Sister Double Happiness. More bluesy and nuanced, it was with that band that Floyd really shined.

One of Gary Floyd's best performances was when he covered Roky Erickson's Two Headed Dog.

I didn't love Gary Floyd because he was a Gay, Southern, Punk Singer. I loved Gary Floyd because he was an amazing singer that fronted a vastly underrated band. Floyd isn't working much in music anymore, but he's still an artist.

Which circles us back to the Vice article. I want to hear about a person's thoughts, work, or art. In America, especially on the LEFT, sexuality has been over-emphasized in the culture wars. At some point, there's going to be some push back when the news is simply far-left wing talking points.

Just a reminder, I joke with Beacon of Speech's counterweight, Ted, that we aren't journalists, but Free Speech Advocates. What's the difference? Journalists think their "team" is under attack. Ted and I know that it's free speech itself under attack.

Hopefully when the spotlight shines on Ted and I, it's for defending free speech tenets, not who we had sex with.


Addendum: 1 Day Later

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