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Technically, Justice was Done in the OJ Simpson Case

I was over at the Daily Mail and some media whore was claiming that now that OJ was dead, he could tell the world the TRUTH! What was John Dunton's magical truth?

That OJ was at the scene of the crime and that he supervised the killings of Ron Goldman and ex-wife Nicole Brown. Why didn't Dunton speak up before this week? He was supposedly afraid of OJ Simpson.

But here's the hole in his story. According to Dunton, OJ paid the Gambino Crime Family to commit the actual murders while Simpson was the director of the murderous symphony. If that's the truth, shouldn't Dunton be afraid of the legally unprosecuted mafia hitmen and not Simpson himself? Many of those mobsters are still alive, or have close mafioso ties that are still alive.

But I digress. Let's take Dunton at his word though, just for the sake of argument. If what he said was true, the American Justice System prevailed. How so? In this version of the past, technically OJ didn't commit the actual murders. Simpson's Legal Dream Team wasn't there to find out who committed the murders, they had a laser-like focus to prove OJ didn't do it.

And they succeeded.

Criminal Phase? If Dunton was correct, the legal system was correct.

Then, if the mafia did the gruesome, hands-on part, technically the Civil Phase was also correct. OJ was responsible for the deaths of Brown and Goldman, but by doling out a monetary judgement, the court system didn't have to prove OJ did it, just that he was the reason that they were dead. And that, too, would have verified that the legal system was correct.

And then this very valid question on Reddit.

Now is my story much too simplistic?

There are over a thousand books and articles related to the Trial of the Century, My two cent's worth are literal drops in the Simpson Family Drama Pool.

But I just want to point out:

Will the police pay you for the truth? No.

Will the Daily Mail pay you for a POSSIBLE truth? They sure will.

Which is a sad reminder that money makes the world go 'round.


Some parting memes:


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