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Thank You SPIN Magazine, You Made My Day

In 2017, I wrote this about 2003's Anthrax album We've Come for You All:

"One of the worst musical efforts since the invention of vinyl."

Today I still feel the same way:

"Anthrax's worst effort by a mile."

But the magical internet said I was wrong:

For 20 years, "mostly favorable reviews."

Were metal fans on crack? I wondered.

I could have reviewed We've Come for You All with one emoji!

Then today I came across this article at Spin Magazine:

And guess what came in at #5?

"We’ve Come For You All was supposed to be a “comeback” albums of sorts and ends up being a grueling mish-mash, neither capturing their 80s glory nor offering an interesting way forward. They throw everything at the wall and none of it is inspired" - SPIN

I was so happy, I nearly wept. Thank you SPIN for validation on an otherwise crappy day.


I have been known to correct terrible lists before, but in this case, SPIN really nailed it.

Maybe they could have included Metallica's Lulu.

Maybe Helloween's Chameleon.

Maybe Shining's (Nor) Animal.

I'm at a bit of a loss of words, I don't think I've ever read a better music list from a music magazine.

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