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The Case for Barack Obama, Supreme Court Justice

Listen, I know Joe Biden made a commitment to put a Black Woman on the Supreme Court, but hear me out.

Who's the most popular president with a (D) next to his name since JFK? It would either have to be Barack Obama or Bill Clinton. Now, today, Bill Clinton has a warehouse of baggage, while Barack Obama is considered "the World's Most Admired Man."

Barack is only 60 and at one time was the first Black President of the Harvard Law Review. You don't even have to be a lawyer to be appointed to the Supreme Court. 100 years ago, former president William Howard Taft was appointed to the court to be a judicial reformer. I'm not the biggest Barack Obama fan, (remember, we skew Libertarian here) but I always admired the way Barack carried himself.

During the unrest in Ferguson, Barack lamented his limited power in relation to the Rule of Law. No names being bantered around as a potential Supreme Court Justice would energize Biden's base more than Obama. None.

It's really a win-win scenario. Obama can shape the Court in ways he couldn't as President, and if he sits on the court for 15-20 years, he would certainly be the most important American Politician of the 21st century. No Democrat is going to vote against Supreme Court Nominee Barack Obama. With Democrats in charge of the Presidency, Senate, and House, if Joe Biden wanted a clear PR win for the Blue Team, no name would be more popular than Barack Hussein Obama and not one Republican would have to vote for him.

Joe Biden can still nominate a Black Woman next time, nothing is stopping him, but there may not be an easier path for Obama to sit on the Supreme Court than right now. Again, I'm not saying Obama is the best candidate, I'm saying he'd be the most popular candidate in the court of public opinion.


Would I nominate Obama ? Nope. But I am just getting hammered on social media for some unpopular free speech takes. I'm not even going to throw out a name, I'm going to sit quietly in the corner and lick my wounds.

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