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The Conspiracy in Hawaii was Negligence

I saw that meme this morning.

The author made multiple good points that I had to respond to:

How could I make such a "bold" statement?

Not only is there no Maui news, but lots of warning for a "once in a century" tropical storm. As I spoke to my Mom this morning, she asked me if I had read about the "Space Lasers."

If the Maui fire hit on August 8...

And the death toll on August 19 is 114....

But there's still over 1,000+ missing....

You know what I see in Hawaii? A bunch of government bureaucrats collecting fat paychecks and not doing their jobs. From the head of Hawaii's Emergency Services, all the way down to the Lahaina Fire Chief. Gross incompetence. Government officials that should be in jail.

Remember when W. Bush didn't go to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina?

Where's the criticism of Joe Biden after the Hawaiian Safety Nets collapsed?

Speaking of which, Maui's Emergency Services Chief Resigns for not Activating Sirens.

That's the conspiracy.

Inactivity and ineptitude.

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