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The Dangerous Nancy Kelsey

Dangerous, as in her truth telling skills?

Uh no.

Nancy Kelsey is one of the stable of woke content creators at What's my beef with her today? I'm glad you asked.

It was the normal agenda pushing, race baiting crap that rolls out with every couple of days. But this missive was even more galling than most.

Here's her premise, right from the beginning: "I should care less about what people think and just hang the flag that celebrates my Salvadoran heritage, in the same way Italian flags are displayed on Gordon Square streetlights and Polish flags adorn streets in Parma. I just can’t. Not in Cleveland. Not now."


As she fights against "White Supremacy," some of her premises are flawed, right from the start.

  1. I work in a rich, white suburb, about 95% white. Our employee of the month Ms. Xxxxxx parks right by the front door in the employee of the month space. Draped across the back window is the flag of Puerto Rico. For 6 years that flag has been in her car, never heard it referenced by one person. How did I notice it? You can't miss it.

  2. Your response is maybe Ms. Kelsey lives in a different part of town. She sure does, she lives in Slavic Village in the heart of Cleveland. The demographics there are 50% black, 30% white, 20% hispanic or mixed. I know people in Slavic Village, a majority of the whites are 70+. I find it hard to believe Ms. Kelsey is being bullied by her 90 year old widowed neighbor from Serbia.

As Ms. Kelsey continued to lecture her white readers, I looked at her history of articles. I was willing to bet they were all race related.

Guess what? I was right. About once per month, 15 times in the last year, Ms. Kelsey got out of bed and bemoaned racism as the greatest problem that faces Cleveland, and by extension, the nation. That's all she writes about. Now I disagree, about 15 of my 120 articles last year addressed the divisiveness of partisanship. We disagree about the core problems in America, but at the end of the day, she works for and I have a day job.

How can stay in business with content creators that don't create content? Not only was Ms. Kelsey's opinion piece overtly far left in content, I couldn't argue with her. shut down its comments section and heavily edits its Facebook posts.

Speaking of which, I waited 2 days to respond to Ms. Kelsey's propaganda, and never shared the link to social media. now protects more controversial pieces by NOT promoting them. Every morning on Facebook they share beautiful pictures of the Cleveland landscape. Then people flock to the comments section to decry how beautiful Cleveland is.

Here's the problem. Last week I took a beautiful picture in Elyria. 500 yards to the right a drug deal was taking place. Being a journalistic entity entails presenting the whole picture.

You argue I could send a letter to the editor? I've tried that, my rebuttal is way over the 200 word limit. You argue I could email the author? Okay, let's say I do that. There is no public discourse. The optics are that Ms. Kelsey's viewpoint is the prevailing opinion because all other avenues to disagree have been shut down.

While I patiently waited to disagree, Editor Chris Quinn rolled out with the timely article:

Someone please fire Chris Quinn and replace him with a newsman.

So Quinn publishes Woke Crap-

Shuts down discourse-

Promotes Not News-

Has fewer local voices, adds games and syndicated content-

And the few local voices create content once a month?

When his website goes bankrupt, he'll be the first to say "how did this happen?"

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