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The Pegulas are Bad at Math

I get really agitated when Commissioners do the dirty work of team owners and demand that cities build stadiums for sports teams.

Like really agitated.

The latest example is Scumbag Commissioner Roger Goodell putting the screws to the city of Buffalo: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Bills' future in Buffalo: 'I think a new stadium is what's needed.

How 'bout this counter offer? I punch Roger Goodell in the mouth, and then kick Terrance Pegula in the balls and scream "BUILD YOUR OWN GODDAMN STADIUM." Now of course I'm not advocating violence, that would be wrong. The NFL staked out their initial bargaining position, and I staked out the initial bargaining position of the fans.

We can meet somewhere in the middle. The middle being the Pegulas build their own stadium and there is no violence even implied. The Pegulas are worth over $5 billion, they want a $1 billion+ stadium. Easy math says build it yourself. I will say it again, they ain't the Pegula Bills, they're the Buffalo BIlls.

You don't like the rathole that your team plays in? Sell the Bills and buy a different team.

I don't care if that's not how the real world works, I'm sick of the same dog and pony show being replayed over and over by the owners.

I was going to go on a 10,000 word tirade but, you know what? For today, I've said my piece.

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