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The Slap: A Post-Racial, First World Problem

I swore I wouldn't write about The Slap.

I swore I wouldn't write about The Slap.

I swore I wouldn't write about The Slap.

It's 'Utterly Ridiculous to Center' the Discussion about Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock around the 'Opinions of White Folks.' - Daily Mail


Let's start with Chris Rock. Chris Rock is blameless. Let me spell it out for you-


No comedian, no matter how bad they are, deserves to be assaulted by an audience member. Imagine if Will Smith just yelled, "boo, you suck." Now that would have been funny, funnier than the GI Jane 2 joke.

Will Smith should have been charged with simple assault. But guess what? Will Smith is the recipient of Rich Privilege. It doesn't matter what race Will Smith is, it matters that Smith is Rich. Really, really rich.

If a random member of the audience at the Academy Awards did the same exact thing, regardless of race, they would have been arrested immediately.

In the olden days, some would argue that Smith would have been beaten like a pinata by police officers due to his race. That obviously didn't happen at the ceremony. That didn't happen after the ceremony. That didn't happen when no one was looking the day after the ceremony. No cops took out vigilante justice a week after the ceremony.

What happened to Smith was professional repercussions. He's worried about the Slap hurting the Family Brand. Now that's funny, because his Family Brand was in the tank before the Slap:

Will Smith: Everything he touched was gold....well, until about 2003. Between 2003 and King Richard, name 2 good movies that Smith did. You can't.

Jada Pinkett Smith: After 2003, name 2 good movies that Pinkett Smith did (that wasn't voiceover work.) You can't.

Jaden Smith: Overrated.

Willow Smith: Woke Brat.

I used to like Will Smith, but not unlike Jim Carrey, he became an annoying Hollywood caricature of himself.

Now Chris Rock, I still actively like. His comedy is spot on, even if he's had some clunkers in the movie category (like Grown Ups 2.) Again, Chris Rock is the victim. He could have gone ghetto and wrestled Smith to the ground. Instead he lived up to the old motto "the show must go on." As a matter of fact, one of the Oscars' own producers said "(Rock) saved the Oscars."

I didn't want to write about the Slap because it's not that complicated of a story. Go to work tomorrow and slap an annoying co-worker across the face and see what happens. I bet the police, at the very least, show up and escort you from the premises.

If you are an internationally beloved movie and recording star with a pile of money in a bank vault, then the story suddenly gets complicated.

On the day that Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the United Nations, I am ashamed of myself that I got hooked into writing this.

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