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Travis Scott Déjà Vu

As soon as the Travis Scott Astroworld tragedy unfolded, all I could think about was the Rolling Stones at Altamont (1969)... the Who in Cincinnati (1979).... Pearl Jam at Roskilde (2000)....

So imagine my surprise when I saw the headlines of Travis Scott and Satan on the Drudge report. A musician's job is to play music, security's job is crowd control.

What I didn't know was that Travis Scott was filling stadiums. In an era where few Rock bands can still fill stadiums, Travis Scott's popularity today is not unlike the Stones' in 69, the Who in 79, or Pearl Jam in 00.

Only once in history did I place a concert related disaster squarely on the shoulders of the band. That would be Jack Russell's Great White. Long story short, in 2003, Jack Russell's Great White was using arena pyrotechnics in a club. I don't think I've ever been to a club show that used pyrotechnics. Club shows are, by definition, intimate affairs. Anyhow, the pyrotechnics caught the crappy club in Rhode Island on fire and killed 100 people.

Somehow, someway, Jack Russell's Great White is still touring today. Throughout Great White's convoluted history....wait, BOTH Great Whites are both still currently touring? Yep.



"Fred Hunt, you're awful blasé about a fresh tragedy." What can I say, lawyers will get rich and there will be millions paid out in damages. But if no one from Great White went to jail-

Editor's Note: Technically Great White's Tour Manager went to jail.

-no one from Travis Scott's or Drake's performance team are going to jail. Lawyers, lawyers, everywhere...

Editor's Note II: Apparently someone is super jaded today. There's no where to go from here but down. Article over.

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