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What Could Have Distracted Trump?

As the election nears, Donald Trump is getting hammered for his Covid 19 response back at the beginning of the year on left-leaning news sites like CNN. Now if you're on the right, that's your prerogative, he's your President and you have a certain set of standards that you're judging him by.

If you're on the left, I don't want to hear it. Your team did no better. What do I mean? On January 22, 2020, the pillar of leftist ideals, Ralph Nader, wrote an open letter to Donald Trump on his Blog: Quickly Spreading Virus Raises Fears Across China

Did the left champion the words of the former Green Party candidate? No. They ignored him. Did CNN send a reporter out to Nader's home and do a lengthy interview about the emerging pathogen? No. Did the left mobilize behind the effort to stop the coronavirus from reaching our shores? No.

At the outset of the outbreak, Donald Trump's hands were tied. He could spy on Wuhan, but he couldn't officially send any U.S. Government representatives to the city past January 23, 2020 when the city was placed on lockdown. You know who did have representatives on the ground in China? The largest news organization in the world. Did CNN enlist an army of citizen-journalists in China to find out what was going on in Wuhan? No. CNN didn't want to upset Chinese Government officials. Please re-read that sentence. CNN didn't want to upset Chinese Government officials. Despite having a Beijing Bureau, CNN only reported coronavirus news through Chinese approved filters.

And that was the little coronavirus news that they did report on. By January 25, 2020, what you got was wall-to-wall impeachment coverage. The Democrats finally got Trump, the headlines screamed!

By the time CNN started to move past impeachment and into coronavirus coverage, they were already politicizing the upcoming pandemic, publishing articles from "famed virologists" such as Chelsea Clinton.

As CNN complains that Donald Trump was mean to their reporters, Chinese citizen-journalists like Chen Qiushi and Fang Bin are still missing today. Why isn't CNN beating the drum to free the disappeared Chen Qiushi and Fang Bin? Because they don't want to lose their access to China.

Which begets the question, how exactly did China control the coronavirus? Now let's be clear here, I do not believe that Donald Trump has done a perfect job with his Covid 19 response, but what I think doesn't matter. The facts are, in order to have done a great job with controlling the Covid 19 outbreak, like other revisionists like Bill Gates have claimed China has done, America would have to had to have suspended civil liberties.

And not minor inconveniences like wearing a mask or your local bar closing at 9 pm, but nefarious, real violations of the Constitution like disappearing citizens and isolating patients by force. Let me ask you, the reader, some serious common sense questions.

Why do you think that the coronavirus has spread throughout the Western World but has been contained in China? Do you really think that the Chinese government has simply done a better job at lockdowns than the United States? Or do you think that a Chinese lockdown was not exactly the same as an American lockdown.

When I was locked down in my state in March, my wife still had to go to work at the hospital. I was still able to get groceries and supplies at WalMart. I often ate meals made from the McDonald's drive-thru. Now a Chinese citizen being locked up in Wuhan during that same time did not enjoy the same "perks" as I did in America. The story of Dr. Li Wenliang should have been a cautionary tale, because before you or I knew of the coronavirus, China was arresting doctors.

So if China was arresting doctors in December, how do you think the Wuhan Lockdown was going in March? Do you think that maybe Wuhan citizens starved? Do you think maybe citizens were arrested for leaving their homes? Do you think that maybe medical staffs had high Covid-19 mortality rates because they weren't allowed to return home, that they were literally living at the hospital?

Just because you or I don't know about it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Since CNN is so keen on finding this magical Chinese template for Covid success that seems to have alluded Donald Trump, why don't they go ahead and find those missing citizen journalists? They can also interrogate Hubei Province officials in China. CNN can demand to interview citizens on the ground. They can confront the national Communist Party with charges of incinerating evidence and disappearing dissenters. Every time CNN reports that 200,000 Americans citizens died, they need to ask how many Chinese citizens died in the containment process.

When the lockdown ended in Wuhan, people were desperately trying to flee the city. British tabloids, that were not beholden to the Chinese government, leaked out the footage. Why would people riot to get out of a city? That should have been CNN's journalistic angle. Instead of trying to answer that question, they rolled out their new philosophy: Trump Will Be Judged on One Thing Now: Coronavirus.

So if CNN really wanted to get answers, they could demand answers from Xi Jinping and his cronies with the same veracity that they demand answers from the U.S. Government.

What? Did you just say a bunch of CNN reporters just got disappeared?

The left's argument is that Trump should have done better at stopping a pandemic, that, when it broke, wasn't as important to them as Trump's relationship with Ukrainian Politicians. It is much easier to beat on the Trump Piñata than do real investigative reporting that would uncover the true cost of pandemic containment. A cost that would have meant suspending the Constitution.

If Trump did what the Chinese really did, then he would have been the very definition of a dictator.

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