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Top 10 Strange Stories set to Song

April 14, 2017

Earlier this week, guitarist J Geils died.  Namesake of the classic rock icons, the J Geils Band, they had 9 Top 40 hits in America, but the one song that had the longest lasting impression on me was 1980's b-side No Anchovies, Please!  As a huge fan of novelty music, No Anchovies, Please was an absurd delight, quirky with high production value to boot.  As I reminisce about my youth,  I don't think so much about Centerfold as being the J Geils legacy, but Anchovies...


So in honor of the late, great, J Geils, here are the Top 10 Strange Stories set to Song:


10. No Anchovies, Please by the J Geils Band 

This is the story about a young couple from Portland, Maine....



9. Jesus was way Cool by King Missile

This is the story about the power of Jesus from an alternative perspective...



8. Night of the Living Rednecks by the Dead Kennedys

This is the story about the last time I (Jello) was in Portland (Oregon)....



7. Come Up with Your Hands Out by Alice Donut

This is the story of a perfect wife from Shandaken, New York...


6. Stuart by the Dead Milkmen

This is the story of what the queers are doing to the soil...


5. Mephisto and Kevin by Primus

This is the story of Dr. Alphonse Mephisto and Dr. Arnie Abesacraben...


4. Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates by the Aquabats

This is the story of Captain Hampton and his crew...


3. Albuquerque by Weird Al Yankovic

This is the story of when Al was just a little bitty boy...


2. Halfsharkalligatorhalfman by Dr. Octogon

This is the story of a Half-Shark-Alligator-Half-Man....


1. Billy the Mountain by Frank Zappa

This is the story of Billy the Mountain and his wife Ethel the Tree...



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