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White Privilege Debunked

May 12, 2019

In America, there's some tabloid fodder that won't go away and that's the White Privilege and the College Admissions Scandal. For those unfamiliar with the story, basically a bunch of wealthy Americans bought spots into elite colleges for their dumb kids.


The topic of white privilege kind of festers under my skin. Why? Because "White Privilege" is a purely left-wing American construct. 


10 Richest Americans



Now America is 77% White, yet the top 10 richest Americans are all White. Now the under-educated in America are now screaming "see, see, WHITE PRIVILEGE!"

But we're not done here. Far, far from it.


America is the richest of the rich nations, but let's continue on down the list.

China is #2. Their largest ethic group is Han Chinese at 91%

Their Top 10 Richest People?

Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian.

#3 Japan. Their largest ethic group is 98.5% Japanese.

Top 10 Richest: Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian.

#4 Germany. Their largest ethic group is 80% German.

Top 10 Richest: White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White.

#5 U.K. Their largest ethnic group is 87% White.

Top 10 Richest: White, Asian (?) What is this?

The second richest person (technically Brothers)....

Are Sri and Gopi Hinduja. They made their fortune in India, then accumulated their wealth in Great Britain. Fourth Richest? The Reuben Brothers made their fortune in India, grew their fortune in Russia, and are currently enriching their investments in Great Britain. Fifth richest? Lakshmi Mittal. Born in India, accrued wealth in India, moved to Great Britain. Sixth richest? White (from Russia).

Then White, White, White White. Maybe Great Britain is becoming more progressive, oh wait, didn't they just vote for Brexit?


Editor's Note: Conspicuously Absent? The British Royal Family. Interesting Read: The Queen is Not as Rich as You Think.


#6 France: Largest ethnic group is 89% French.

Top 10 Richest: White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, Whi--- (Not sure Drahi's ethnicity) & White.

 #7 India: For purposes of brevity, let's go with a generic Indian.

Top 10 Richest: Indian, Indian, Indian, Indian, Indian, Indian, Indian, Indian, Indian, Indian

#8 Brazil: 47% White, 44% Mixed. Brazil is the closest to a melting pot of any countries in the Top 20 richest.

Top 10 Richest: Ugh. You want me to split hairs between White, Hispanic, and Mixed?

How about: Not Black, Not Black, Not Black, Not Black, Not Black, Not Black, Not Black, Not Black, Not Black, Not Black.


Or we could play the game in a different way. In your head, imagine what the richest person in Canada looks like. No cheating. Now scroll down.












#10 Canada

How close were you in guessing David Thomson's features? I was actually pretty close.

Let's try again. What does the richest person in Italy look like?












#9 Italy

Ah, I bet you guessed wrong this time. (Hint, she INHERITED her money.)

Let's reframe the question. Who do you think Maria Franca Fissolo inherited her money from?















#11 South Korea: Richest? Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian.... keep on going.... 50 spots deep, nothing but Asians.

#12 Russia: Every one in the Top 10 richest where born in a country in the old Soviet Union.

#13 Australia: Top 50 richest? Old white men with a smattering of old white women and Asians.


Now you're interrupting me, banging your laptop on the table, it's the white man that built the systems. The systems of power in the world today. Okay, if you look at the Founding Fathers in America, it is true, they were all white men. 


But if trends continue, you know who's going to have the largest GDP in, say, about 10 years? China. Whites in China? .0012% of the population. Blacks in China? 0% You know who's treated poorly in China? Minority groups like the Tibetans or the Mongols that make up some of the 56 recognized ethnic groups within China. You know what's going on in China (according to the American Left)?

Han Privilege.


India still has the Caste System


Almost every country in the world has systems. 

White privilege is a buzz word to stoke the fires of racial division in Industrialized Nations. No matter what country in the world you live in, the fact is, what happens on the Earth is...



Kind of in the same line of thinking, using GDP, what country in the world is the richest person NOT in the same ethnic group as the majority of the population? I'm going to guess South Africa, but let's verify:

#14 Spain - Spaniard Amancio Ortega

#15 Mexico - Latino Carlos Slim

#16 Indonesia - Robert Budi & Michael Hartono: "These Chinese-Indonesian brothers are well-known as tobacco crop billionaires, inheriting the cigarette making company Djarum from their father." - MoneyMakers.com

#17 Turkey - Murat Ulker, Turkish through and through. (But part of his education was in, <gasp> the United States.) 

#18 Netherlands - White Country, White Billionaires.

#19 Saudi Arabia - C'mon now, what do you think?

(Two of top 3 are Saudi Princes.)

In the News this week: Saudi Arabia beheads 37, Mostly Minorities.

You mean blacks? No, that would be all over CNN. 


#20 Switzerland - Richest person in White Switzerland? Almost got ya, White South Africans.


#21 Argentina, no surprise. #22 Sweden, no surprise. #23 Poland, no surprise. #24 Belgium, no surprise. #25 Iran, no surprise. #26 Thailand, no surprise. #27 Austria, no surprise. #28 Norway, no surprise. #29 United Arab Emirates, no surprise.


#30 Nigeria? A gentleman named Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Nigeria. Actually not just the richest man in Nigeria, but the whole African Continent. Did he make his money in America? No. 


"Nothing is going to help Nigeria like Nigerians bringing back their money. If you give me $5 billion today, I will invest everything here in Nigeria. Let us put our heads together and work." - Dangote


#31 Israel....

Ah, now the list gets more complicated.

According to Haaretz, Roman Abramovich is the most wealthy Israeli. Roman Abramovich was born in Russia, made his money in Russia, moved to Great Britain when he bought the soccer club Chelsea, and...



Abramovich had faced unusually long delays in renewing his UK visa, which had expired, sources told the Reuters news agency. The British government has declined to comment on his case....Israel grants citizenship to any Jewish person wishing to move there and a passport can be issued immediately. Israeli passport holders can enter the UK without a visa for short stays, -

The Guardian


Abramovich is also listed as the 11th richest Russian. If you research how he made his money.

Uh....let's just keep moving here before even the hint of Abramovich speculation crosses these pages.


(Hey, Drahi's on this list, too.)


 #32 South Africa

South Africa is 80% black, but its billionaires are almost all white. Some sourcing has Elon Musk as the richest South African, despite having not lived there since age 17. Musk has citizenship in South Africa, Canada, and the United States. 


The rest of the South African list is populated with a lot of white faces, with the distinct exception of South African Black Billionaire, Patrice Motsepe. Born in South Africa, educated in South Africa, and residing in South Africa, Motsepe is all about unlocking the hidden wealth of the African Continent. 


So here we are, all the way down at #32 where a minority race has exploited the majority race. I've been hearing about the injustices of apartheid since my youth, this did not just happen recently. What are the solutions in South Africa? There are none that satisfies both the land owners and the majority. What's going to happen there is lots of bloodshed and lots of starving. (See Zimbabwe: How to Kill a Country. That is South Africa's Fate for 2030.)


#33 Hong Kong - Li Ka-shing. Born in China, fled with his family during wartime in his childhood, ended up in Hong Kong. Built a $30 billion+ business empire.

#34 Ireland - White country, white billionaires. With Irish names like O'Brien, McManus, & Kelley.

#35 Denmark - White county, white billionaires. With Danish names like Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen.

#36 Singapore - Here's an interesting story. One of the co-founders of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin, was born in Brazil, made his money in the United States, then renounced his citizenship and moved to Singapore. Apparently an Elon Musk-type "world citizen," Saverin is only one of two on the Top 50 richest in Singapore list not of Asian descent.  (The other being New Zealander Richard Chandler.)

#37 Malaysia - Lots of OLD money in Malaysia, led by 95 year old Malaysian Robert Kuok.

#38 Philippines -  Lots of OLD money in the Philippines, led by the recently deceased 94 year old Henry Sy.

#39 Colombia - Columbian Luis Carlos Sarmiento is one of the wealthiest people in all of Latin America.

#40 Pakistan - Shahid Khan was born in Pakistan and moved to the United States as a teen. The rest of the wealthiest in Pakistan are Pakistanis. Khan is so rich, he owns a soccer team in the Premier League. (But not so rich that he could afford a good one, like Abramovich.)


Let's stop there, carpal tunnel is starting to set in from attaching links. In Pakistan, there are no White Overlords. The Pakistani Government uses White Americans as demons to distract their populace from the Pakistanis getting rich off of other Pakistanis and the corrupt Pakistani government. 


In America, if you can get the poor whites angry at the minorities and immigrants for taking away the "good jobs" and then you can get poor immigrants and minorities angry at the whites for "stacking the deck," you don't have people asking questions of the men in power. You hate your neighbor instead of the problem.


In other countries, if you can get your poor citizens to hate the Whites in rich countries, it distracts their citizens from their own problems. In homogeneous countries like Iran (99% Persian & Turkic, 99% Muslim), it is much easier to paint different looking enemies than yourself in other countries. If you're the Iranian government, the last thing you need is your restless population questioning what's going on in Tehran. If Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, and Syria all set aside their differences and formed a Middle Eastern equivalent of the EU with open borders and using the same currency, imagine the strength of that political entity. Imagine what wealth that conglomerate could generate. But the rich in those countries have no inkling of giving up their power for the greater good. It's much easier to blame the White Devil instead of fixing your own problems.


Could you see a Middle Eastern Union in the next, say, 100 years?

"I'm sick of reading crap from White Fred Hunt, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, spinning facts to fit his argument. Have you ever been a minority in your life? You don't know how it feels." As a matter of fact....


I had been with Taco Bell on and off, across multiple branches, for 10 years. Long story short, I was promoted to Branch Manager at the Romig Road Taco Bell in Akron, Ohio.  Apparently no one went to college in the hood to become a TB manager, because the corporate office couldn't fill the position with anyone local. At the time, the posted job of Restaurant General Manager required a college degree and 3-5 years of restaurant experience.


No one wanted the job. When I accepted the job, I was the only one who applied (with the posted requirements of the position.) By the end of my first month, I was the only white employee on an all-black crew. And you know what I learned? There's good black workers and there's bad black workers. Just like in the suburbs where there were good white workers and bad white workers. Simply a different set of problems.


The store was on the imaginary racial divide line in Akron. 90% black to the north. 60-40 split where the branch was, 95% white just across the Akron line into Norton. 


Which brings us to the crux of the article. I've been rambling on and on about the larger systems in the world and who benefits from them. But if you shrink the map all the way down to the ward level in Ohio, you'll start to realize that all politics are local.


Whenever there was a problem, I, the White Manager, would pick up the phone and, invariably, a White Policeman would show up at my door.


Guess what? Things still haven't changed. 


The leftist is shaking his fist, "you just proved my point, yet again, dummy! The White Cops are holding down the Blacks." Say you're a Young, Black Left-Winger making that statement. Here's my simple response.

"Then change the system and become a cop."

"Uh, what?"

Akron is hiring, I looked it up. And at a fairly good wage to boot.

You might not want to be a policeman in one of the most dangerous cities in Ohio. But who does? Just like I didn't want to go to Akron to be a Taco Bell Manager. But I had a young fiancée and I was looking at opportunities for advancement. To further my point, let's delve a bit deeper into some statistics. The Crime Index below lists the highest crime rates in Ohio.

The population of the Great State of Ohio is 11.73 million.

9.5 million White (81%)

1.4 million Black (12%)

.3 million Mixed (3%)

.2 million Asian (2%)


Now if you look at minority population percentages of the most crime riddled Ohio cities from Akron on down, you'll find some trends. According to the chart above at USA.com, these are the greatest deviations from norm for the cities on the bottom of the crime statistics list by race.


Akron: 30% Black 

Toledo: 26% Black

Coalton: 98% White

Middletown: 82% White

Hamilton!: 86% White (A sarcastic exclamation point.)

Gallipolis: 91% White

Columbus: 28% Black

Magnolia: 100% White

Chillicothe: 87% White

Holland: 8% Asian

Canton: 23% Black

Springfield: 18% Black 

Lima: 26% Black

Dayton: 40% Black

Youngstown: 44% Black

Cincinnati: 43% Black

New Boston: 97% White

Whitehall: 29% Black / 14% Hispanic

Moraine: 86% White

Portsmouth: 90% White

Clinton: 98% White

(I dated a girl from Clinton once. That's another story for another day.)

Fairfax: 94% White

Cleveland: 52% Black / 10% Hispanic


Editor's Note: Red Bold Font: Population>50,000 - Black Bold Font: Population<20,000 


.... and finally, dumpy little Linndale: 31% Black / 27% Hispanic


Why speak ill of Linndale?

Because for decades they were the home of the Interstate 71 Speed Trap.

That damn cop would wait in the shadows of the bridge supports.


Guess what? I tricked you. The consistent part of the list wasn't race at all, it was Married Households. Almost every one of the cities above was (way) below average on Married Households, by 15 to 20 percentage points in some cases.


Household and Family Statistics

Percentages are Married Households by region:

USA 48%

Ohio 47%

Akron 31%, Toledo 31%, Coalton 43%, Middletown 39%, Hamilton 38%, Gallipolis 38%, Columbus 33%....

---Magnolia, 59% ???

391 Households, 82 instances of theft & burglary.

You know what that smells like? The Opioid Crisis.

Similar situation in Holland (48%)


According to NBC News, Montgomery County, Ohio is Ground Zero of today's Opioid Crisis.


Chillicothe 37%, Canton 31%, Springfield 33%, Lima 30%, Dayton 24%, Youngstown 25%, Cincinnati 23%, New Boston 24%, Whitehall 30%, 


----Moraine 47%, guess what county that city is in? If you said  Montgomery, you would be correct.


Portsmouth 35%, 


Clinton 98% white, yet 176 thefts and burglaries out of 462 households....

Fairfax, similar racial statistics, higher theft rate. Both have marriage rates statistically the same as the State of Ohio rate.


Cleveland 21%, Linndale 33%. For all intensive purposes, Linndale is an even smaller microcosm than Clevealnd.


Instead of blaming White Privilege, try blaming your Deadbeat Dad for not holding the family together, your Preacher for not holding your religious community together, or the Drug Dealer for laying waste to a lost generation. And for all you Conservatives out there screaming "that's right,"  I don't necessarily mean Mom, Dad, kid, & kid. If Mom, Mom, kid, & kid works, fine with me.  Dad, Dad, kid & kid, fine, have at it. 

Look all the way down at #466 out of #467, there's Cleveland, Ohio. "Whatever, Fred Hunt, it's not like you know any Cleveland Cops where you know what's going on at ground level." As a matter of fact I do.....

I talk to 'Officer Joe' all the time. About 30 seconds after Cleveland lost the Ohio Supreme Court Ruling requiring cops to be residents, Officer Joe moved out to my neck of the woods. Black Mayor Frank Jackson had a quandary. Hoping to shore up his base, he gutted the resources of his police department. As morale fell, policemen wanted to move the hell out of Cleveland, further eroding the city's tax base. In the world of Frank Jackson, appear hard on crime, get voted out of office. Appear soft on crime, all your cops want to move out of the city.


Now in Frank Jackson's World, you'd just replace the fleeing cops with citizens from the neighborhood. Problem is, even with a Black President, Mayor Jackson had problems recruiting Black Police Officers.


And even the Black Police Officers started to notice something. The Whites weren't coming into the city in large numbers to perpetrate crimes. Most of the crime was "black on black.


Big City Mayors from coast to coast know this secret. So they went after a different scapegoat.

The Gun. Now you've opened up a whole 'nother can of worms. 


We'll use Frank Jackson again as the stereotypical ignoramus. Frank Jackson decided that in order to curb crime, he wouldn't add more cops (because they'd probably be white), or give the cops more resources, he would demonize the gun. He attempted to push through some of the toughest gun legislation in the State. Of course the Ohio Supreme Court ruled against Jackson, he was trying to curb the Constitutional Rights of the Black Majority in Cleveland.


But what you didn't see on the local news was commentators lamenting Jackson trying to strip Blacks' rights guaranteed by the second amendment. Instead Jackson cried ignorance. What do you want me to do about crime in the city? (Hint: Hire more cops.)


When you have a family to support, you are more likely to stick it out at your crappy job (i.e. being a cop...or a Taco Bell Manager.) The more you're stuck at your crappy job, the less time and energy you have for crime. Listen, you can list me exceptions to the rule all day long, but if you look at the statistics and trends, social scientists have long espoused the benefits for children who live in two-parent homes. Again, it is easier to be mad at the Whites, than to be mad at your Father.


If your definition of White Privilege is that both your of parents are around and your immediate family isn't in jail. Well, that's a low, low bar for the definition of privilege.

"If you had ever been randomly pulled over by the cops, you would have a MUCH different opinion than the one you're presenting here today." What are you talking about? I've been randomly pulled over by the cops, at least, a dozen times in my life. Not including speeding tickets, I have been pulled over multiple times for no reason. I was taking my daughter's friend home LAST MONTH and some cops pulled me over because they received an anonymous call of a "dark colored vehicle driving erratically." I wanted to say "that's what you're going with?" But I didn't. I was respectful and kept quiet. [Hey, thanks North Ridgeville PD for my reference point.]


Again, remember I used to work at Taco Bell?

I remember driving home at 3 am and seeing cops all the time