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December 28, 2019

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Browns Time Capsule IV

December 23, 2019

For the past 11 seasons, these have been the Cleveland Browns' records:


2008 4-12

2009 5-11

2010 5-11

2011 4-12

2012 5-11

2013 4-12

2014 7-9

2015 3-13

2016 1-15

2017 0-16

2018 7-8-1

Then, inexplicably, the cleveland.com reporters rolled out of Training Camp with these predictions for the 2019 Season:


I thought the Browns would be good, but again, I am a fan. I sit at home and consume media reports and watch pre-season ball on TV. I am not on the field. I don't talk to the players. I have zero inside information.


I only took the screen shot in August as a lark because, well, go ahead and look at the records at the top of the page again.


The Browns are 6-9 and even if they beat the Bengals (possible), they are out of the playoffs and cannot finish better than 7-9. They will finish the year as the only team in the NFL without a winning record THIS DECADE.


Addendum 1-2-2020

This was posted on cleveland.com today. I assume, with 99% certainty, that the next Cleveland Browns coach will come from this list.


I don't dispute the list, I just wanted to publicly be a smart apple.





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