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December 28, 2019

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So Sick of Talking About CNN (B)

December 31, 2019

Now yesterday we were talking about 2 different events in America. One was in New York with a knife attack on Jews and the other was a shooting that targeted Christians in Texas. 

The top picture is a split second before the shooting.

You can see the shooter in the upper left hand corner by the window.


The bottom picture is from 6 seconds later.



Within those 6 seconds, the shooter was taken out almost immediately and 5 citizens had their guns drawn to protect the congregation. CNN's angle was to focus on the heroes of the 2 attacks.



3:15 pm 12/30/19


Which, for once, was the correct call by CNN.

Then why did I finish Part B of the article?

Because it seems like Jews are being attacked every single day specifically because of their religion and CNN actually addressed that.

And because CNN reported a well-trained gun owner stopped a gun massacre, instead of their usual 'Ban Guns' story.


Maybe, just maybe, CNN is starting to figure things out.

Or maybe, I will have to use this as a reference point in the future when events play out in a way that CNN exploits a tragedy instead of reporting on it.




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