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What I propose is developing and expanding my webcast and making it into an event. I have a clear business plan and a path to expand the brand for Iron Mountain.  My vision is to create an entity which functions as an entry level advertising option coupled with original, free speech oriented discourse.  Talking about the news, not in an abstract context, but from the perspective that we are all in this together. Beacon of Speech has grown organically and is at the precipice of becoming an alternative talking points platform.

Why would Iron Mountain be interested?

Let me bring potential customers to the entrance of the Iron Mountain's sales pipeline:

  • Full banner advertisement and link on the website.

  • Product placement in every episode.

  • "Broadcasting from the Iron Mountain Studios in beautiful Walton Hills, Ohio."

  • An example of a non-traditional use of space.

With the Iron Mountain initiative Don't Do It Yourself focusing on small businesses,  Beacon of Speech can be that conduit between the people you want to reach and... 

Iron Mountain Growth

What I'm asking for:  A 1 year commitment for 50 shows housed at Iron Mountain. I have a long term financial plan for viability required for a partnership with Iron Mountain.

Philosophical Partnership Slogans (samples)

we protect ALL speech 

we protect your speech...literally

Please feel free to explore the examples below to see the range of my online presence.

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