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Microcosm of Life

I was reading the Daily Mail (UK) today and this video attack in a Michigan court absolutely mesmorized me.

I think the reason is it has every type of person in it. Let me explain:

1- Just a bad person. He is a child sex offender and he hid a shiv up his sleeve. He instigates the action by attacking the Assistant Prosecutor.

2- The Clueless. We call this the “Capretta Effect.” The defense attorney has no clue what’s going on with his client. As the attack happens, he seems confused and barely moves. Watch him for comic relief.

3- The Victim/ Assistant Prosecutor. Probably has dozens of cases that week. Literally at the wrong place at the wrong time. Thought he was doing his job by putting a sex offender behind bars, then this happens.

4- “Not my problem” person. Defendant is obviously attacking the Assistant Prosecutor. Watch her run. Fast.

5- Hero #1 – Subdues bad guy. Not his job.

6- Hero #2 - Subdues bad guy. Is his job.

7- Cop #2 – Does his job. Slowly.

8- Active Life Viewer – Life is but a Sporting Event. Wants front row action.

9- Passive Life Viewer - Life is but a TV Show. I don’t think she moves one inch. (May have Walker next to her.)

10- Just a Kid

11- Rubbernecker – Most interested long after the action is gone.

Here is the Video in real time

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