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Trump and Russia = Clinton and China

On the day before electors cast their ballots for Donald Trump in the Electoral College formality, I read an article on arguing that electors should to go ahead and vote for Clinton based on a clause in Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Papers in relation to Russia’s role in the past election.

I am not a history professor, so I’m not going to review the Federalist Papers. I am going to base my rebuttal off of Ken Sullivan’s piece on Let’s just say that America’s intelligence agencies are right, I don’t believe they are releasing the information as part of a vast Clinton conspiracy, and that Russia did have a huge influence on the 2016 Election that went to Trump. Two things still bother me. A LOT.

#1 – Again, Russia hacked DNC e-mails and released them to the public. Russia did not make up e-mails, they exposed the inner workings of the DNC. The content of the e-mails should be the focus. Basically the DNC is shooting the messenger. (If you want to yell at me about Rule of Law, that’s fine, but don’t ignore the content like it doesn’t exist.)

#2 – I vaguely remember reading an article about Clinton and the Chinese earlier this year…

As a matter of fact, I remember hearing that narrative a few times in the past few years…

Actually, I remember the Chinese being linked to the DNC for 20 years. It’s common knowledge and even has its own Wikipedia Page….

So for truth in advertising’s sake, maybe the 2016 Presidential ballot should have read:

__ Trump/Russia


__ Clinton/China

Having Clinton supporters scream about Russian involvement voiding election results is hilarious considering Clinton’s ties with China. And with Trump already tweaking the Chinese over its One China policy, you can see why they’d be in Clinton’s back pocket. If Trump lost, I could see him screaming, day after day on Twitter, that the Chinese influenced the election and that’s why he lost. And he’d probably be partially right.

Since we’re now playing the “I told you so” game in politics, maybe the public should have bucked the corrupt two-party system and voted for Gary Johnson instead of two candidates closely linked to our perceived ‘enemies.’

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