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The Oral History of Fruit Blood


Underneath the Organic Organs and Beer Shop is the local venue for live music, the Banana Cream Cafe. Known for playing artists on the fringes of society, the cafe has played host to Fruit Blood, a band known for challenging all social norms.

"A modern, sexually-charged hit machine." - Fred

Found on the obscure, yet passionate, Primal Lunch Records, Fruit Blood is an unknown collective of 2 singers, 2 dancers / keyboardists, a guitarist, a bassist, and, technically, a drummer. (Even though the night I saw them, the drummer was passed out most of the night.)

Their 2016 setlist:

Cocks - The bar was so abandoned to start the night, I swear I saw roosters pecking at some Cheetos.

Don't Make Me Laugh - An ode to John Candy (?)

This is How we Screw - Memorable as the band started taunting audience members.

#27 - Then they were taunting a caged, animatronic thingamajigger.

First You Get the Haircut - Finally got the iPhone to work.

Holes - Yeah, pretty much what you think...

Sex Cave - Finally, the crowd came roaring in.


Check out Brad Neely's Harg Nallin' Sclopio Peepio on Adult Swim or Hulu.

Beg Adult Swim to give Fruit Blood their own series.


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