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Rock and Roll with the Plurals

We are going to take you on a journey into sound....

I came across a clever and catchy video by the punk band the Plurals. The song below is called Overthinking and it was one of the songs previewed this week on the New Noise Magazine website. You could nitpick about the production value and the sound mix, but you'd be missing the point. The song is a jolt of high energy shenanigans with a memorable chorus.

Overthinking by The Plurals

I liked the song so much, I went to YouTube to see if there were any more clever and catchy Plurals songs and to my delight, there was a number of them. It seems that the Plurals have been grinding it out for a number of years now. Overthinking is the lead single off of their fourth LP Swish, coming out next month.

Facebook by The Plurals

Not only do the members all sing and play instruments, but they are the driving force behind GTG Records in Lansing, Michigan. GTG Records recently celebrated their 100th release.

How About the Weather by The Plurals

The Plurals are embarking on a national tour of the United States on Friday and they'll be on the road until September. On the GTG website, the word community comes up everywhere, but it's not just a shallow sentiment. GTG Fest is a local festival focusing on independent Michigan-area musicians. (I don't have any inside information, but GTG Fest X may be coming to Lansing this Fall.)

Poseurs by The Plurals

The Stop-Motion video by Crooked Sound is a perfect example of the Plurals' work. Unpolished, yet ambitious and memorable.

Rock N Roll by The Plurals


The Plurals Discography:

2008 Whatevers Forever

2011 The Plurals Today, The Plurals Tomorrow: A Futurospective

2015 An Onion Tied to My Belt

2017 Swish

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